Posting Spam

Jeny B | 01/07/2015

If I keep getting spam messages on this page I am going to keep deleting them.


Aunt Dawn | 10/07/2014

Will be praying! By the way, if you want any "contacts" in Japan, I have a couple of friends there--one who works there, and one who is a missionary/starting a church plant with his family. They are all Christians and might be able to help you connect. Love and miss you, Aunt D. (Enjoy nephew and sis!!!).

Re: Japan

Jenyb | 11/12/2014

I remember you saying something about a friend of yours being missionaries in Japan. I don't know if I will get the job I applied for and even if I do get the job, it will still be several months before I know my placement in Japan. Once I find that out, I may ask for contacts. Mostly so my husband has something to do all day while I am working. :)


Dawn Opie | 09/18/2014

What does AECP stand for again?
Aunt D.

Re: Teaching

Jenyb | 11/12/2014

American English and Culture Program


Aunt D. | 08/07/2014

GO, JENY, GO! ! ! Enjoy your upcoming skating opportunities. Love and miss you!

Re: Skating

Jenyb | 09/17/2014

I ended up placing first in my skating competition!


Amanda | 06/29/2014

It sounds like you two are having a great time! I can't wait to call you next week and hear more :)

Hard work pays off

Aunt D. | 04/15/2014

2 Golds?!?! Incredible! As for the other competition, you have to look at it as paying off in that you were able to compete; not everyone can ice skate, much less do it well, enter competitions, etc. Even though you didn't "win", you won by trying and practicing, etc. We are very proud of you and all of your efforts! Congratulations!!!

Re: Hard work pays off

Jeny B | 04/18/2014

Thanks! ^^;

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