April 13

Aunt D. | 04/02/2014

Wow--skating competition and Japanese speech competition all on one day?! That'll be exciting. Praying God blesses your endeavors!

It still works!

Jeny B | 01/22/2014

Don't be afraid to say whatever you want in the guestbook! :)

Honeymoon Goggles

Aunt Dawn | 04/02/2013

I agree! I loved this post, and am so happy for you!! I, too, have found the best husband (for me). I praise God for such wonderful, godly men in our lives. Love you!


Aunt Dawn | 03/12/2013

I agree! Love your post; thanks for updating us all, and for giving the credit to Whom it is due--God!


Aunt Dawn | 02/05/2013

Change is hard, but it happens a lot in life, so I'm glad you're willing to (reluctantly) adapt :). One of our pastors and his wife and family are considering becoming missionaries in Japan (near Tokyo); they just presented a slide show Sunday and visited last month. He's from Japan, she's not. Also, we have a friend that lives in Japan--in Kumagaya, Saitama? What part of Japan will you be going to?

Re: Change

Aunt Dawn | 02/05/2013

Oops--I see it's Tokyo (from the previous post). Sorry!

Re: Change

Jeny B | 02/21/2013

Yes, I will be in Tokyo studying at Sophia University. It's more of a cultural program rather than a language program but either way, I know that I will need to speak Japanese in order to communicate with my host family as well as getting directions. I'll def keep you posted on the travel plans for Japan!

Girly girl!!

Mom | 09/10/2011

I love your girliness! :) I always knew it was there! We serve an amazing God!! Our Wonderful Savior!!
JD was sweet to say that!
I love you!!

Re: Girly girl!!

Jeny | 09/10/2011

Hehe, thanks!!

I love my girliness now. *^.^*

Love u more!


Aunt D. | 05/06/2011

Can't believe it--it's almost here. And we all get to see it--yippee! Congratulations and enjoy all of the festivities. Love and miss you.

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