Welcome to my website

Hello to those reading this and others looking at it. ;)

 I am Jeny B and this is my personal website.  Every year I change the background/template/layout.  The content doesn't change though.  So go on ahead! Take a look around.  Navigate to a few places.  At the bottom of this page you can comment on my pages through Facebook.  I know you all want to do that instead of emailing me, and frankly, I would prefer it that way.  The site has been linked to Facebook and Google+, so feel free to social network to your hearts desire!  You should be able to comment and like on Facebook on the blog page now.  That is a new feature as of 2017.  I hope you enjoy and utalize it!  There is also a search bar where you can search for a particular post or info that is hard to find on the site.  I know sometimes things get a little confusing.  I try my best to make it as pain free as possible. 

The tags to the bottom right of the page are links to all the posts about the topics listed.  The larger the word, the more posts about that particular topic.

Please feel free to be critical and leave comments on the guestbook page.  I know it's only because you are jealous of how wonderful my website is. ;)  I'm just trying to keep the website interesting.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Happy Reading!


Departing from Arizona

07/24/2015 00:00
I leave Arizona for JET on Friday, July 24, at 9:05am.  At first they wanted me to wait 4...

Cactus Classic 2015

07/17/2015 00:00
July 17-19 will be Cactus Classic 2015.  It is technically the first competition of the new...

Sayonara Party

07/05/2015 09:21
On July 5th, 2015, we will be hosting a goodbye party called a Sayonara Party.  It will be...
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