Cactus Classic 2015

07/17/2015 00:00
July 17-19 will be Cactus Classic 2015.  It is technically the first competition of the new season, but it will be the last one for me for a while.  I am just grateful that my membership expires next years and not this month.  Then I would not be able to compete at the competition...

Sayonara Party

07/05/2015 09:21
On July 5th, 2015, we will be hosting a goodbye party called a Sayonara Party.  It will be held at our home.  It is an open house from 2-5pm.  If you would like to attend, please contact me for further details, i.e. address and phone number, via email.  My email is under the...

Figure skating Test

06/26/2015 00:00
On June 26th, I have a skating test.  I will be testing for Adult Silver MIF (Moves in the field).  If I pass the MIF then I get to take the freeskate in which I will fully have moved up to the silver level.  Currently, I am bronze.  I have been bronze for a while but now I have...

Adult National Figure Skating Championships 2015

04/14/2015 08:24
The 21st annual Adult national figure skating championships will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 14-19.  I will be performing 3 different programs.  The competition will be shown on Ice Network.  It requires a subscription, so if you do not want to pay for it, you will just...

Fiesta Skate 2015

04/10/2015 00:00
Fiesta skate will be April 10-12.  Very close to adult nationals.  I will be doing my freeskate at fiesta skate.  I will be skating on April 11th, at 8:25pm.  I have never heard of a program starting so late before.  It's a little unusual.  I hope I do welL! Fiesta...

Arcadia Ice Show

03/28/2015 00:00
On Saturday, March 28th, at 4:10pm-5:10pm, there will be an ice show at Arcadia Ice Arena.  I will be a penguin skating.  If you want to see me be a penguin then you should come and see this show.  The admition is freeeeeeeee.  Just know that there will be lots of little kids...

JBAA Speech

01/10/2015 13:02
Tonight I am giving my speech at a dinner for the Japanese Buisiness association of Arizona in Phoenix.  The speech I will be presenting is the same speech I gave for the speech contest.  I am only able to attend this dinner because I won the contest.  So that means I have to...


12/16/2014 00:00
I graduate from ASU with my BA today!  This is only the best thing ever!  I can FINALLY be done with this horrible school and NEVER go back.  Do yourself and future kids a favor, never, EVER, go to Arizona State University.

Autumn Antics

10/06/2014 19:17
Sunday, November 9th is 2014 Autumn Antics.  I will be performing my Twilight program once again.  This may very well be my last time doing this program, but I don't know yet.  The competition will be held at AZ Ice Peoria, formerly known as Polar Ice Peoria.  I will be skating...

AECP Sedona Trip

09/17/2014 12:06
On September 27th, I will be embarking on my first field trip with AECP students as part of my new teaching job.  They will spend the entire day in Sedona doing various things to learn about Arizona, practice using English, and just generally having a good time away from the class room....
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