Academic Update

Remember how I said that I would email thousands of people if I wasn't about to graduate next semester?  Well, that is exactly what I did and I have discovered that every student at ASU will at one point or another face the same exact problem.  I have never heard of this happening to any other university other than ASU.  I learned that one of the foreign exchanged students had to come back semester for only one class.  That is just rediculous.  I contacted the dean, as well as the head of the department for my major and nothing has happened.  They have a high and mighty attitude about them and just think that life revolves around them.  I have never encountered so many arrogant people in my life that were in one place.  The student responses were of sympathy or sharing in my frustration.  The only responses I got from administration was blame on my end for not having prepared myself accordingly, telling me that these things happen everyday in life and I just need to get over it, or they just ignored me completely.  My suggestion?  Never EVER let your kids decide to attend ASU.  It is not worth it.  I don't care what the academic rank, or the "grateness" of a particular program.  You will get screwed over and your career prospects will be put on hold or ruined.  It's not worth your time, or money.  You will regret your decision in the end, I guarentee it.  

What has made me the most angry was the fact that some of the head honcho guys tell me that it's my fault I cannot graduate next semester.  How dare they say such things to one of their students!!  In what universe am I responsible for what a university decides to teach what classes and when?  How is it my fault that they have not offered the ONE class I need to graduate for 2 semesters?  I couldn't believe that they had the audacity to lay the blame upon me.  They are trying to make ASU the victim when they are reaping the benefits of me having to pay money to stay an extra semester.  Needless to say, I am very pissed off.  Something NEEDS to be done about this.  ASU just can't keep doing this to students.  I am very tempted to contact the media or something.  I really am wanting to do something about this and am unsure of how to proceed.  The top priority of any school, regardless of whether or not it's secondary education, should me the needs of their students NOT how they can make the most money doing the least amount of work.  If you have any suggestions please contact me by leaving a comment in the guest book or by sending a message in the feedback section.