Academic Update

Next semester is supposedly my last semester at ASU.  I say supposedly because there are 2 classes that I need in order to complete my degree program and they are not being offered next semester.  This frustrates me because the purpose of attending a university is to complete your studies so you are prepared for your future career.  My university, on the other hand, has decided that helping me achieve these goals is pointless and a waste of their time.  They would much rather have me spend more money that is not mine so they can make more money.  

I keep getting emails from ASU about how their funding has been cut short so they unfortunately have to increase tuition for foreign students, and students who are not seniors.  Bull-S***.  ASU has frequent campus tours and I always happen to bump into them.  Today however,  they decided to stand in one spot and answer some questions right in front of where I was sitting.  One of the parents asked about the finacial crisis and how that was potentially going to affect their kid's learning and the guide informed him that ASU recieves over $11 million a year from donors across the country on top of tuition AND government funding.  Not only that, but that figure has recently be doubled since ASU is now the 5th school in the nation academically.  Hmmm, so you mean to tell me that all this crap about having to pay for printing or making copies and ASU not having enough money is all bogus??? -_-  I am not surprised at these so called "academic leaders" of ASU.    MCC gave me better treatment than this school ever has.  The only reason why I am attending ASU is because I have no where else I can go.  I cannot WAIT to be rid of this school.  I am NOT proud I am going here.  NOT proud at all.

Anyhow, all this rant because I am angry with them for not giving me the classes that I need to graduate.  It's not just me, everyone in my class this semester is in the same exact boat. At MCC, if a class wasn't offered that you needed, they sent you a list of courses that were equivalent so your completion date would not be affected.

Next week, I will meet with my advisor and if she tells me that there is nothing I can do but wait until next semester I am going to let her know exactly what I think about ASU.  Not just her, I have the emails of all the students currently attending ASU and will tell them the exact same thing as well as email any and everyone who is deemed "important" at this party dump they have a nerve to call a school.

Anyway, can you tell I'm really angry?  I hate this place.  But what else can I do?