Age of Innocence

    School is coming to a close for most everyone this month and summer life embarks.  For half of the education population summer has already begun and do not understand why they are still attending classes.  My classes are officially over as of last Friday, I now have finals to complete by Wednesday and then graduation arrives.  For me, life will continue on as normal with the only exception of detouring MCC completely.  For others, all summer means is party, except all in capital letters.  This mainly effects the older generation but the concept applies to everyone.  Everyone has the knowledge of forcing activities upon themselves that would otherwise cause more harm physically than attending the stress filled class rooms daily.  I guess it's only a mental difference.

    Recently, I watched "Father of the Bride" with my mom.  I know that that movie is very cheezy and nothing related to relaity happens but watching it, made me realize that times have completely changed. At least in America things have changed I've noticed.  Marriage is not viewed the same anymore.  It seems that only those that are serious about religious beliefs truely care about the reason for marriage.  It seems that people live like they are already married but "without the committment".  It's sad really.  People are really disrespecting morality in that sense.

    I was really upset with this thought while watching this movie.  It's really horrible to think about how people can change the face of morality and call it ok.  They say that it's ok to have sex whenever you feel like it, just don't get pregnant or an STD.  You don't have to be married because being married means that you have no inexpensive way out of the relationship.  Is there no innocence anymore??

    I want to keep mine.  Most of my friends are no longer virgins.  There may be only 1 or 2 who still hold true to their innocence.  I say enough is enough!

    This world is becoming sick and twisted and horridly discusting!   I am here to say that I intend on keeping my innocence.  I am NOT going to fall into the habbit of distorting morality.  Morality is what God made for us to follow.  There is a purpose for it.  We don't need to be trying to control it and shape it into whatever we want.  Eventually it'll all fall apart if this is how the world wants to live; and I want NO part of it.

    Who wants to hold true to their age of innocence with me?