America Needs These Things

      I know that Americans are very spoiled in technology and that we are becoming a “lazy society” but there are still some things that could make us even more lazy and it sounds just wonderful.  This list if mainly of first world problems, but I found it interesting and hopefully you do to.  This is, in no particular order, a list of things that Japan has/does and that America needs.


1.   Japanese Toilets

Japanese toilets are magical.  They have heated seats, they play sounds (sometimes music) they are a bidet but upgraded to have many more features, they are a sink, they fill up when you sit, and they have flush control so you can choose how much water to use depending on number one or number two.  I also happen to like the squatty toilets.  I like them because in the winter, you don’t have to sit down on a cold seat, it actually makes it easier to do your dumping, plus, it is more sanitary.  There is no need for seat covers or toilet paper, and no butt sharing germs.  I have a thing about butt germs, so having the option to NOT be exposed to it is great. 

Not everywhere has the special magic toilets, but my home does.  The only thing I wish it would stop doing Is the auto turn off in the middle of the night.  Sometimes it stays on because one of us went to the bathroom right before going to bed, but there are mornings when you play Russian runlet and hope the toilet seat is warm and not cold.  When it is warm, it is super nice though.


2.  Remote Controlled Everything

They have remote controlled lights, AC, fans, basically everything can have a remote.  Some more expensive rice cookers even have remotes.  I love it for my fan.  It is just great to be in another room entirely, and controlling what happens to the fan without getting up.  The AC remote is my favorite.   You can control the entire unit by a remote.  Even set a timer for when it should turn off or on.  I don’t use it separately as much during the winter, but in the summer I always kept the remote by my bed so I didn’t have to get up when I wanted to change the temperature or something.  Super helpful. 

Lights have dimmers and timers on them.  I don’t use my light remote as much because I only controls the kitchen lights, but you can program it to do all the lights.  I am just too lazy to try and figure that out.  So for now, I don’t really use the light remote.

Bath and showers are even controlled remotely.  Although, this remote is not removable so they just install more than one unit.  I use that all the time.  I can control my bath water in the kitchen.  Super cool.


3.  Doors Impossible to Lock Without a Key

There is absolutely no way that you can lock yourself out.  If you did, you either broke something, or climbed out a self-locking window or something.  There is just no way to lock the door without the key.  There is no lock on the other side to turn, you have to use the key to do it.  Everything with locks is manual which makes things easier to manage.  There has never been a story of locking yourself out of the house.  If you try and tell Japanese people a story about locking yourself out of the house, they can’t comprehend it because it is just impossible to do here.  I love it!


4.  Combinis

These are basically convenience stores but they do so much more.  You can pay bills there, you can ship things there and they will hold the packages for you, you can pay for deliveries there, they are tour guides, printing service, online shopping center, basically anything and everything can be done there, except getting any kind of gas.  They have gas stations, and they have combinis.  In America, they are one in the same, but in Japan they are separate.  I have been to my combini by our house so many times, I know the people there by name.  I also know who will be working what hours.  They basically know what we like and don’t like and don’t even bother asking us repetitive questions anymore, such as, do you want a receipt?  I always take receipts by the way.


5.  Visual Door Bells

This may not be that lazy, but it can be.  Visual door bells are great because you can have a full conversation with the person on the other side, and see them.  I have gotten religious people and sales people to go away by telling them I am not opening the door.  All this while not having left my living room.  There is even a way to see everyone who knocked on your door while you were out, so you can check if you missed a package or someone important while you were away.  It is more convenient than lazy, but the fact that I don’t have to answer the door to talk to the person is just as lazy as they get.  As a side note, the newer models follow the person after they ring the doorbell so there is no way of hiding from it.


So there you have it.  Some of the things that I will miss dearly upon return to the US.  The only thing I miss back in the US is Universal Wi-Fi.  There is no Wi-Fi anywhere except Starbucks.  In America it is everywhere.  But, I guess Japan makes up for it in the fact that their speeds are super speeds in comparison so I’m ok.