Are You a Butterfly or a Moth?

         What kind of a person are you?  Are you a moth person?  Or are you a butterfly person?  Unless you truly love moths, you would most likely immediately say that you are a butterfly person without any context, only because butterflies are much prettier than moths.  People tend to think of butterflies as dainty bugs while people think of moths as hairy oversized flies.  Do you really know the difference between moths and butterflies apart from appearances?  Can you really make a decision as to whether or not you are a moth
person or a butterfly person?  And now, I am not talking about which one you like more than the other.  First, let's get into the science behind each of the creatures to help us better understand the answer to this question, "Are you a moth person or a butterfly person?"

         Let's start with butterflies.  (When I was little, I used to call them birderflies).  There is actually a pretty big difference between moth and butterfly caterpillars.  I am going to speak generally, because I know that there are exceptions to this, but to keep things simple, let us just stick to the overall picture.  Caterpillars eat nonstop.  They eat and eat like crazy.  For the most part, they are herbivores but there are those that eat other insects, bones, fabric, and even other caterpillars.  If it is in the way of its mouth, it will be consumed.  They are immune to all natural toxins and many gardeners have a hard time getting rid of
them because of this.  Because of their toxin filled diet, they are also filled with toxins themselves, making them virtually immune to predators.  Yet this is where the similarities start to split.  Butterfly caterpillars may be filled with toxins but who is to know that unless you eat it first?  The predator will die, but it isn't much use if the prey still dies. 

         Butterfly caterpillars tend to be very smooth when moth caterpillars tend to be spikey or hairy.  It is advised that you avoid touching hairy or spiked caterpillars as the hairs and spikes contain venom, which is harmful to humans.  Depending on the type of caterpillar, you could be hospitalized.  This defense that the moth caterpillar has makes it have almost no predators beyond being a larva.  Personally, I find moth caterpillars to be more interesting in that they have intricate designs and colors.  Some even look like miniature Guinea pigs to me.  Butterfly caterpillars look gooey and seem like they might explode at any moment.  The fake eyes they have on their backs freak me out sometimes.  Since the butterfly caterpillars have hardly no defense other than fake eyes and a toxin that will be released if they are ingested, butterfly caterpillars remain vulnerable their entire squishy green life.

         When moths change, they weave cocoons with their silk.  This silk cocoon is very strong, and very well protected.  It is camouflaged well that you usually won't be able to see it unless you are looking for it.  A chrysalis, on the other hand, is not very strong, nor is it hidden.  They hand from sticks and branches while the moth's is permanently affixed to something. The chrysalis can easily be broken from is resting place and easily crushed.   When they emerge from
their encasings their differences seem to swap.  The once ugly vulnerable butterfly caterpillar is now a beautiful and light weight butterfly.  He will hold his
brightly colored wings high and drink the sweet nectar of flowers, all the while assisting in pollination.  People no longer view them as pests and welcome them into their garden.  Some gardeners will plant specific flowers which attract butterflies so that they may admire their beauty.  Every little girl loves to chase them.  Every sweet and innocent story contains them.  They become the living embodiment of all that is beautiful and happy.  Their sole purpose in life suddenly becomes a journey to their parent's birthplace to lay eggs and reproduce.

          Moths will emerge from their cocoons during the night. They become nocturnal.  Their wings are fuzzy and drape their equally hairy bodies.  They become a constant source of annoyance as they lay their eggs in unwanted places, often ruining various objects, such as clothing, with their eggs.  Their diets
remain the same and they continue to eat almost anything.  They become a constant thing of fright to a number of girls as they flutter around searching for the source of light.  I can't tell you how many times those things have freaked me out by flying by my face while it is on the way to the light.  Their once invulnerability has disappeared and now there are numerous items available to rid your life of moths.

             Butterflies are a symbol of new birth, and new life.  I have even heard them referred to the spirit that has left the body.  Some funerals will have butterflies on pictures or fake ones in the flowers because of this symbolism.  Butterflies are symbolizing new life, and beauty.  They are without blemish.  And no two butterflies are the same.  Each wing pattern is different.  Butterflies are the reward to a hard worked and troubled life.  They were hated as caterpillars but now as butterflies they are loved and desired.

           Moths represent the opposite.  They are the symbolism of decay and destruction.  Moths are part of the creatures in the night, which cause discomfort and fright.  People spend money on research for how to rid your home of them.  Consumers will buy any product they can find if only they can stop the destruction of their possessions without the stank of moth balls.  Nothing good comes about when moths are involved.  They only bring hurt and pain.  They make you want nothing to do with them.  You will stop at nothing to remove them from your sight.  They can exist elsewhere, but not in your home, ruining your things as you sleep.

           In the Bible, there are several verses where moths are mentioned. Even the word of God believes these creatures to be nothing good. 

19 "Do not store up for
yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where
thieves break in and steal." Matt. 6:19NIV


It is the
Lord who helps me.
will condemn me?
They will all wear out like a garment;
moths will eat them up.

                                                                                                                     Is. 50:9NIV


Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail
because of the misery that is coming on you.
wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes.

James 5:1-2NIV


          Let's see what the Bible has to say about butterflies.

if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold,
the new has come.

Co. 5:17NIV


So will it be with the resurrection of the
dead. The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable;

1 Co. 15:42NIV


         I know that the Bible doesn't say the word Butterfly specifically, so I did some research into what other languages say.  It turns out, that in Greek, the word for butterfly is the same as the word psyche, which the Greeks used (at that time) to mean soul.  Upon doing my research these 2 verses kept
coming up so I looked them up in the original Greek.  The word psyche was used.  So what does this mean?  This means that even the word of God views
butterflies as everything good and beautiful.

         The verses about moths tell us to not live with a focus of wealth and possessions, because overtime they will be worthless.  Having the wrong focus in life will only bring pain.  The verses about butterflies are a double meaning with our soul/physical being.  The verses mention our new life in Christ.  Our bodies die and are recreated in heaven.  Just as the caterpillar "dies" so have its new "heavenly" body of a butterfly.  Its life as a caterpillar comes to an end so its new life fully of love and beauty may be created.

         We as people, are like moths and butterflies.  Our human life, is our caterpillar life.  Just as the caterpillar has a voracious hunger, so do humans have a
hunger.  I hunger for attention, a hunger for fame, a hunger for wealth, fame, whatever have you, we like caterpillars, have a voracious hunger.  And like the
caterpillar, our bodies will also change completely.  The only difference is what our end goal will be.  Will we be a moth, or a butterfly?  Before moths become moths they are beautiful, and unique.  Everyone knows who they are and no one bothers them.  They are left to live their lives as they see fit.  Moth people live life without thinking about the end result, because the end result doesn't matter to them.  They want to be remembered and noticed now.  They don't care what happens later.  They want people to think of them as always right and invincible.  They try to have the world pay attention to them.  During their life they cause destruction and hatred.  Sure they may be living an extravagant life, but this life causes pain to others.  When they die and stand before God, they have nothing to show for themselves.  They may have called themselves a Christian while on Earth, and gone to church every Sunday, but they were too
concerned with the world and how the world accepted them to take the time to think about God and others.  They are given a new body, but this body is not a glorious body.  This body is hideous, and their eternal life is filled with pain.  All the pain they had stored for themselves while they were on Earth.  Life on Earth appears short when compared to an eternity.

         Butterfly people are much I the same.  We all start out as caterpillars, humans.  We are hungry for the same things.  We all want wealth, fame, attention, but butterfly people keep their eyes on the end goal.  Because they have chosen to stay focused on Christ, the world hates them.  The world sees them as an easy target and attack them.  If they are attacked, the attackers will be punished later, but that makes no difference to the poor person who was attacked.  Just like the harmless toxic caterpillar being poisonous, in the end he still dies.  Many butterfly people will be oppressed, abused, and destroyed by the world.  At
our core, we are all the same, so of course butterfly people cause destruction and seek possessions.  Butterfly people are not immune to this.  It is the end
result that is different.  When they die and stand before God, the butterfly person finds favor in God's eyes because they have chosen to live their life as a life of Christ.  They suffered through the pain and suffering because they know it will only be for a short while.  A life time of pain on Earth is nothing compared to the eternity of everlasting joy and love with Christ Jesus our Lord.  He gives them a new body.  A glorious and wonderful body, that is unique to each individual.  They live for eternity in God's heaven receiving their reward for a lifetime of pain in following Christ.

         It might be difficult to see the end result in a sea of pain and worldly confusion.  The devil is hard at work to make us confused and fight against each other.  He loves nothing more than to watch the people of God go after one another and cause separation.  Don't let the devil win.  Don't fall victim to the
moth life.  Choose to be a butterfly.

         I will ask again.  Are you a moth person?  Or are you a butterfly person?