Autumn Antics

My competition took place last weekend in Peoria and I receieved first place.  It is my first gold meddle.  It looks different too because it was an artistic program and not a freeskate, so the meddle isn't the traditional round shape.  It's their own design.  I like it.  It's also heavy.  I have never had a meddle that heavy before. 

I feel as if I don't deserve it because it was not a fair competition.  It was more like, I won by default.  My competition was not at all up to par.  They were clearly below my level, yet were tested into my level anyhow.  I knew I was going to skate away with the gold, even before heading to the ice rink once I discovered who would be skating against me.  Even if I downgraded or fell on my jumps, I still would have won.  That is how terrible this person was.  I still skated the best I could regardless.  What would be the point in competing if not to attempt my best?  Speaking of which, I have not skating my best performance in competition.  This program I skated to last weekend, was the best I have ever performed during competition.  I was pleased with it, and so was my coach.  Hopefully, me not skating my best in a program won't become a habbit.  I guess I have gotten use to hearing Linda yell commands at me whilst running through a program. 

The next program I skate won't be until December 14th.  It will be a christmas program.  It's not a competition this time, it's just a showcase.  If you have seen my "A Thousand Years" program on YouTube or Facebook then you will find this "Carol of the Bells" performance nearly identical.  We just changed elements to fit the style of music and added a couple more elements as the song is 20 seconds longer.  For more details on the Christmas show, please check out the news section.  I will continue to update it as soon as I learn more information.  

Anyhow, I really have nothing else to say so I'm just going to go now.  Bye!!