Yeah I know it's been a while.  No need to remind me.  I am being smooshed by school, as it were.  It clearly has the best of me.  15 credits in a language major is aparently a lot to take on.  I am being consumed by it.  Hopefully it all works out in the end.

Recently, JD purchased me a wedding band. We were never able to afford one before but since the car has been paid off and we were able to put some money asside for savings and yay!!! Jeny has a wedding band now!  Suprizingly, I feel more like a married woman now that I have one.  It's so shiny too.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!  

Any way, I also got a scholarship to help pay for my trip to Japan.  It's not much but it'll at least pay for my flights to and from Japan, so that's a start at least. I'm really happy about that. 

We FINALLY have a new water heater.  It took long enough, but thankfully we can shower and wash dishes at our own place.  Unfortunately, the faucet has decided that it wants to spray water in a sideways manner instead of down like normal, so we need to be getting a new one, but at least we have hot water.  That's all that really matters there.

My friend Noah got married today, and the wedding was really cute.  Everyone was shorter than me, so it made me feel tall for a change.  It was really pretty and I'm very happy for them.  

My best friend Nikki moved back to Arizona and so did her boyfriend.  I'm happy that she is finally back around here.  I missed her while she was gone in Northern California for all those years.  But of course, if she had never gone to live there, I never would have met the love of my life to whom I am now married.  :)  So it all worked out in the end.

Lets see, what else, oh yes!  My mother-in-law took me to a gigantic fabric store called Sas so that I could purchase some fabric for my skating dress I am making for nationals.  I ended up getting enough fabric to make 3 dresses and only spent $30.  That's insanely cheap!  For just a practice dress the cheapest I have ever found them to be was $50.  Never have I seen them cheaper than that.  And if you want a testing or a competition dress, that will cost you at least $150.  So $30 for 3 skating dresses of any kind is the worlds most wonderful bargin in my mind.  Linda (my coach) did tell me that a lot of figure skaters and moms of figure skaters take up sewing mainly for the price difference.  I am surely happy about that.  I will keep you posted on the progress of my dress.  I have never worked with stretch fabric on a sewing machine before so this is going to be a new adventure for me.  Hopefully it turns out ok.

So, yeah.  This is my life up to date.  I really don't have any right to be complaining because things could be going a lot worse.  God has been blessing JD and I this past month and we just thank Him.  He always takes care of us and provides for us and give us exactly what we have been needing.  There is no need to complain or ask for more.  We only need to be thankful for what we have and alow God bless us where He may.  Even in the midst of those nasty seasons, God still blesses us.  That's what I have been trying to focus on.  I choose to focus on only the blessings and none of the nasty seasony stuff.  Goodness comes from all kinds of storms.  The storm itself might be hard and difficult to work through, but once it passes, everything seems brighter.  I think that's why God brings along storms.  We have a tendancy to get comfortable with our lives that we start to miss all the blessings.  We get use to a routine and expect nothing to change.  We forget about all the good things and start to only see the things that annoy us and make us made for ruining our routine.  God sends along storms that last for a period of time to remind us of who makes all things and where our focus should really be.  Then once the storm passes we start to notice all the blessings and goodness that we were missing because we were too focused on our routine and being comfortable.  That's what I believe anyway.