Christmas Ice Skating Show

On December 14th, I will have a skating show.  It is not a competition it is just a showcase meant to be entertaining.  I do not know the exact time of the event, once I learn this information I will be sure to post it.  It will take place at BOTH Oceanside Ice Arena and Arcadia Ice Arena.  My coach wants me to attend both places but we will see how that will work out.  It may not be possible for me but we shall see.  

If you wish to see me skate please choose one of the following locations:

Oceanside Ice Arena at 3:30pm

Arcadia Ice Arena at 4:00pm

Please be aware that if you choose to attend Oceanside's christmas ice show that I will NOT be available afterwards due to the fact that I will be leaving right after my performance to perform the same program again at Arcadia.  If you wish to meet with me after the show, I suggest you go to Arcadia as afterwards I will be available.