Edo-Tokyo Museum

I debated weather or not I should even post anything today because nothingh as really happened.  It's all basically the same.  I wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, then do stuff afterwards that normally includes lots of reading.  

Anyway, so today started out just like that, and after school I needed to go to the Edo-Tokyo Museum so that I could write my paper on what I saw there.  It's really stupid and I don't understand why they are making me pay all this money to go places and see things that I don't really need to see.  Anyhow, I got a friend of mine to go with me.  I don't like going to places by myself.  It's annoying and I do not like it.  We ended up having a lot of fun going there so it was not a waste.  I felt kind of bad asking her to go with me but she said that she was looking forward to it and ended up really enjoying herself.  She's a really funny person and we always have something to talk about which is the kind of person I really love hanging out with because I just LOVE talking, if you haven't figured that out yet by my ranting and things on this website.  

Anyhow, the museum was really huge which was odd for me to see with it being in Japan and all cuz lets face it, this country is freakin tiny.  A huge building just seems to be in the way of a lot of things.  The coolest part of the entire museum was going up escalators that looked like hampter tubes!! I was having so much fun going in them.  That was just the best part.  My cameras memory card got full so there are not going to be many pictures from the museum until I can fix that.  But anyway.  
After the museum we went back home and I did homework and wrote my paper that I just dpon't care about and took a bath and that's it.  Nothing really happened today.  Sorry guys to disapoint you but I will write tomorrow if something interesting happens and causes me to really want to talk alot.