Fundraising Update

    As the time draws near for me to depart on my epic journey across the Pacific Ocean, I am sure most of you are wondering if this dream is about to reach reality or not.  I am pleased to tell you that this dream will in fact come true. :D  The good part of everything is, I do not have to take out a personal loan to acheive this goal!  That makes me extra happy.  As it turns out, ASU was having issues with students, in the previous years, with not being able to participate in their study abroad programs due to funding.  Starting this year, they are allowing students to participate in their selected programs and pay the remaining tuition upon their return.  Hearing this news was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  I was starting to become dissapointed and feel that I may never be able to travel to other countries.  Now, I no longer have to worry about such issues.

    I am, however, getting a little worried about not being able to bring enough money with me to Japan.  I still need to purchase personal supplies, meals, text books, and whatever souveniers I find.  My goal is to take with me at least $1200 and I almost have this amount!  As of now, I have received $880!  I only need $320 more!  There are 3 weeks still to go before I leave, so there is still time to donate money.  Please help me reach this goal so that I may be finacially secure while in Japan.