Getting Nervous

So, I have been accepted into my summer study abroad program in Japan officially as of Tuesday.  I am super excited about it too.  I purchased my flights already.  They were cheaper than I expected them to be.  When I checked the flight prices about 5 months ago it was rather expensive, but when I bought them on Tuesday it was significantly cheaper.  I don't really know why they bothered having more expensive flights if they will just lower them the closer to departure they become but oh well.  I saved money and that is all that I care about. :)

I have purchased guide books per the advice of my advisor.  I breifly looked over them, but I am starting to feel slightly overwhelmed.  I have a feeling I am going to get culture shock on Japan based on how I am feeling right now.  I have never traveled like this before.  I have never crossed an ocean before and now I get to check out how the Pacific ocean will look on the other side.  I'll be sure to let you all know how it is.  :)

I will be living with a Japanese family and they may or may not speak English.  I know Japanese well enough to communicate with everyone, not intelligently but enough to get me where I need to go and have a decent conversation.  I'm afraid I won't know enough vocab and that I will suddenly forget everything and just not want to speak Japanese while I'm there.  I also have the fear that I will get lost, get mugged, get sick, or freak out so much that I need to come home.  I don't really want to be away from my husband especially when he knows exactly how to calm me down when I start freaking out over petty things.  They may be petty in actuality but to me they are really huge.  I also still have a fear that I will not be able to raise enough money inorder to make it to Japan.  That's mostly what is freaking me out the most.  I am trying not to get my hopes up because I feel that I am not exactly going to be able to go.  I just have this thought that the money won't allow me to go to Japan.  That's what I fear right now.

Please pray for peace for me.  I really want to go to Japan but right now, all these fears and doubts I am having are preventing me from being able to believe that it's really going to happen.