So, today we watched an episode of an anime.  Normally, I would recogmend it, but this time it's not necessarily appropriate for all eye balls so I'm gonna keep it secret.  If you really want to know then you can just send me a message and I'll tell you what it was.  It was really funny, but it's just one of those things where you know why anime has ratings nowadays.  

The next class, we finished up our lecture for the final and we watched the very first Godzilla Japan ever made.  It was actually really good, and funny at the same time.  I mean, the air planes were clearly on strings and you could even see them in some shots.  At least they tried.  It was actually a good movie though.  Kind of sad, but enjoyable none the less.  We ended up getting let out of class early because the DVD player decided that living was just not a good option anymore.  All of these self proclaimed "tech" experts rushed to the DVD player to assess what was wrong as if they knew how to cure all electronics of stupidity.  The teacher just ignored everything they said and did his own thing and DVD player never woke up.  It killed itself at some point.  So we didn't actually see the end of the movie.  We missed the last 10 minutes but we all know what's going to happen so it really didn't matter.  That is, until I heard someone in the back ask very seriously, "You have to tell me how it ends! What happends?"  We laughed and made jokes that Godzilla took over Japan and ate the world and such and this guy looked concerned.  That's when we knew he was serious.  He actually didn't know about Godzilla.  It was very strange to meet someone who had never heard of Godzilla before.  So the teacher told everyone how it ended and we were let out of class early. That was totally fine with me.  Seriously, no complaints there! 

I headed to the entrance of the building and waited for my friends to get released from their classes and talked with them for a while, then a couple of us walked to the study center because with the final day rapidly approaching, we have a few forms to fill out so that American families don't sue CIEE if the students do something stupid while staying after the program in Japan. A couple people I know of are going to Kyoto and they heard that I went there a couple weekends ago and were asking me how much I paid to travel there and where I stayed and what I saw and how much they should budget as well as how in the heck do they order a ticket.  There is one girl that just really bothers me when other people ask me questions.  It's as if she doesn't even give regard to the fact that I was asked a question and NOT her.  He has been doing this to every single person the entire program.  I have been trying to avoid her as much as possible this whole trip.  I was telling people how I reserved my tickets for the Shinkansen and was explaining how it works similar to an airport and to be prepared for a lot of screens and terminals and many people frantically running around, and here come little miss know it all.  She completely ignores me and interups me and just starts talking about how to do it as if I did not even exist.  She has never used the Shinkansen before so how the heck would SHE know anything at all about it?  She starts telling her how to get tickets and where and which trains to take to get to Kyoto and then how to find the good hotels.  She was being so rude to me and had been acting that way the entire trip.  I wanted to call her out on it and say that she needs to learn some respect but I just left it.  I am leaving soon and just walked away.  She gets excited about anything and everything and hasn't really taken regard for the fact that she's in an entirely different country and should at least try to respect the culture.  She acts really young, but to be fair, she is 17.  She just turned 18 a couple days ago.  I guess that's what someone who just came out of high school would act like. 

Anyway, I get to the study center and fill out my departure plans info and then wrote both my papers.  I complained and took my time and wanted to thro and pound things because I hate papers but I got them finished.  Thankfully they were only 5 pages combined.  That's between the 2 classes I have.  At least it's over and I don't have to think about papers for a while or so. I am pretty sure I will have to write papers for my 2 classes that are not Japanese related next semester.  We shall see.  We shall indeed see. Yes. Indeed see.  Indeed.

I get home feeling all depressed because I have to go home in a couple of days and that tomorrow is my last day.  But when I got home, I practiced putting on my yukata.  It was much harder than I was expecting, but I think I have figured it out.  Hopefully anyway.  I looked for instructions online and I found a ton! In Japanese. -_- I know Japanese, but I don't know enough Kanji to be able to read Japanese without looking up words every 2 seconds.  That would have taken forever.  I did finally find a video on youtube.  Surprisingly it worked!  I haven't been able to watch youtube since arriving at this hotel.  It worked for all the videos I was watching.  Guess God wanted me to be sure I knew how to wear the Yukata.  Oh, and by the way, those shoes it comes with (geta) are most uncomfortable. The outfit looks good tho! I can't wait to wear it tomorrow!

Well, I am going to call it a night and spend the evening watching Japanese TV while I can before it's gone.  I love Japanese TV.  It's so entertaining.  I'm going to miss it.