Happy New Year!

So it is now 2015 and that means everyone is making the new years resolution to loose weight.  I don't know why people do that.  If you didn't keep your resolutions last year, or if you frequently fail at keeping your own personal goals, then what makes you think, that just because it is the new year that some how all of your goals are suddenly going to happen?  It really bothers me.  I say, forget the resolutions and just go about your lives.

Anyhow, I have just seen one too many commercials about loosing weight for the new year.

I graduated college and it feels great to be done.  I only just NOW feel like I have actually accopmlished something.  Before it just felt like I was on a normal Christmas break.  But now that I am hearing about how everyone is going back to classes, I kind of feel the grateness that is now before me.  I can actually study Japanese the way that I want to.  In school I mostly had to study old classical literature or vocabulary that I highly doubt I will use in the future.  We had one lesson that lasted for 3 weeks in which we learned about cadiology in Japanese.  We read excerpts from medical journals.  Why?  Why did I need to know that?  I don't even know that in English!  

Anyway, it's all over now, and I will most likely be bored a lot until I get a new job.  Or a job at all.  If you count the internship I had as a job.  

Ok, that's all that is on my mind.