I Lied

Yeah, ok so apparently I have not been truthful with myself when I said that I was going to be updating this website every Sunday.  Grrrrrr.  Sorry planet.  I completely forgot all about it last night.  Could you every possibly forgive me?


Well, yesterday Amanda held an anti-superbowl party and I attended.  It was rather enjoyable.  I am usually not one for parties of any form but I tend to enjoy myself at about 50% of them so I opted to give this one a try.  Plus, she is my sister and I love her and she's moving to New Mexico.  Yeah, that's right.  She's moving to New Mexico.  In case you haven't heard.  I know that I am allowd to pass along this information because it was posted on facbook so that means that it is now official.  It gives me the right to tell whomever I like, whenever I so choose.  

At first I was a bit upset to hear this news.  I am not one for change unless my choices are the ones causing the change.  Naturally, I would be upset about her running off with her new husband to a place that I don't particularly care for.  Once I took a step back and looked at all the change I implemented, I reallized this way of thinking was rather selfish.  I myself have gotten married and am planning on picking up my life in the US to permanantly reside in Japan.  Just because Amanda wants to live a different life apart from my "ideal" world, doesn't mean that I should become angry or upset.  Change is a part of life.  There is nothing you can do that will change the universe's way of thinking.  Trust me, I have tried.  It didn't go so well.

On a more possitive note, I have purchased a new computer Yay!!  It is the Google Chromebook.  It's a lovely silver pc that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I now havve a computer that I can take with me to Japan.  I just need to purchase an addapter because US and Japan have different outlets and different voltage.  So if anyone out there has any advice on this, please let me know.  I have the outlet converters, but it doesn't convert voltage which is highly important.

I have signed up for nationals!!  It was a rather rediculous process.  First I couldn't sign up because my test didn't post, then it was showing that I had not yet paid for my test which was bogus, then I was not a citizen suddenly but in the end everything was rectified and I am now going to participate in nationals.  I am skating to Mulan soundtrack.  Whenever I say that, people always ask me which part.  And here is my official answer that I tell everyone, ready?  I don't know.  It's just from the movie in various parts.  

I am planning on making my own dress.  I am just waiting for the pattern to come in the mail and I need to start working on practicing my sewing skills with my new machine that my mother in law so graciously purchased for me for Christmas.  She is willing to help me and my newness.  I am glad about that because I have never sewed with any other material besides cotton and now I have to familiarize myself with nilon.  Hmmmm.. I wonder how this is going to turn out?