Ice Skating

As some of you may be aware, I am  figure skater.  I'm not a very good one, but none the less, I am in fact, a figure skater.  I love figure skating.  It's my heart.  It's actually one of the things I always say: Music is my soul, and skating is my heart.  I thank God every day that I am able to have both of those.  I play piano at church and have a job in Audio Engineering, and on top of it all, I have my ice skating.  I have always had my ice skating.  Even when things got tough, I was still able to persue it.  I was still able to skate.  Finances have only affected my skating once.  I never want that to happen again.  That was extreamly hard to deal with.


I want to take skating as far as I can go.  I realize that I will never become a famous world champion, but I can, however, compete as often as I am able.  I just completed my first competition where I took home bronze at Fiesta Skate 2012.  It was a new experience and I want to continue in this endevour.  It's something that my heart keeps telling me to do and I really REALLY want to listen to it.


I was planning on taking up a second job just to pay for ice skating.  Thought, I don't know if that is necessarily going to be possible.  I will keep praying and keep trying.  I really want to make this work.  I was finally able to compete.  I had to wait until I was old enough age wise to compete in the adult competitions.  Otherwise I would be skating against 6 year olds and that would just be weird.  At this point, with the level I am at, it is going to start to cost alot more to keep persueing what I truely want.  I want this to continue, but I just don't know if that's at all possible.  Private sponsors would be nice, but I don't know if I could really get any with only one meddle and one competition.  We shall see.


If any one has any advice please let me know.  I really love skating and wnat to keep it up until I die.