What a Wonderful Day!

So, today I woke up on the super right side of the bed or something because I was extremely happy all day.  Either that or my alergy meds have finally started to help me.  Whatever the reason, it was just a really great day.  

I wake up and almost jump out of the bed.  Ok, that part was not true.  I still didn't want to get up, I just wanted to lay there and do nothing, and when I feel like that, I go on FB.  So, I did.  I went on FB and when my snooze alarm went off, I got up.   That's when I realized I was so happy.  I quickly get ready (While singing to myself, when I get happy I sing to myself) and headed to breakfast.  I get my food and found a group of people in my program to sit with.  I say "Hi Guys!"  One person acknowledges me with a grunt and nod.  I sit down and start buttering my bread and there is just complete silence.  It went on like this for another 5 minutes when I said, "well aren't we just so enthusiastic today."  No one moves.  "Well, I guess I'm just extra happy today," after I said that, one of the guys looks up and says, "yeah." and drops his head down again.  My goodness.  No one apparently wanted to be awake.

I get to school and have my first boring class then I have my next class.  We were going on a field trip today! Yay!  We went to the Imperial Palace.  No one occupise it.  It's pretty much just a big waste of space that causes an inconvinience to people commuting because you have to go around this place and not over, under, or through it.  It's a rather large place too.  It's also extremely beautiful.  The scenery is just wonderful.  I wish I was able to just use my eyes as a video camera so that you can see everything that I see in Japan.  It's such a wondeful place!  The Palace is also very peaceful.  It quite lovely.  I could just sit there and take in all the nature and beautiful smells from the flowers and listen to the sounds of running water.  No wonder Japanese people call their country the zen country.  It's so wondeful.

After being in such a wonderful location it was time to head back to campus and do homework.  This time, there was not many people in the study center today.  So it was nice and quite.  I finished my homework for my first class in the study center then went home to do the rest, only because I didn't bring my text books with me.  There is no need to bring them anyhow.  They never get mentioned in the class.  

After reading my books for my history class, I decided that it was a perfect time to go out shopping.  Now, I'm looking for a specific something which is the only reason why I have been going out shopping everyday, and today I finally found that something! I was so excited that I posted a video on FB of me explaining why I wanted them so much and why I am so happy to have found them in Japanese.  My husband thinks I didn't speak Japanese well in the video, but what does he know? He can't even speak the language.  Anyway, if you are friends with me on FB, I highly recogmend that you watch it.

What I say in Japanese:

Goodevening everyone!  This is Japan!! So, last week I saw my friend wereing cat stockings, and I said, "Where did you buy those?"  My friend said, "Umm, I don't remember." So I looked, and looked, and looked!  But I couldn't find then anywhere.  Then!!! I found them!!!!!!!  Here they are!!!  I'm so happy happy happy happy!!! I am SOO HAPPY!!

After finding the stockings I have been looking for forever!!!!!  I ran back to my room to grab more money because I didn't have enough with me to buy them and then I ran back to the store to buy them.  I'm so excited!! I stopped by McDonald's on the way back to get something to eat.  Now, there is only one reason why I did this, and that was because I wanted to see how Japan's McDonald's differed from USA's McDonald's.  Now, it wasn't really a fair comparison, only because they had fish, fish, shrimp, big mac, and some salsa burger.  So, the comparison can already begin.  Plus the workers treat you like god, another comparison that's different, and it was remarkably clean and modern.  So, before the food is even ordered, we can already assume that Japan is going to be better.  I get my ebi burger (shrimp burger), I walk to really cool chairs, and open the wrapping revealing my burger.  Japan won, right then because my burger looked EXACTLY like the picture on their menu.  I looked at other people's food, and it also looked exactly like the pictures.  I shouldn't be too surprised though, because Japanese cooking is all about having a good taste that outways the presentation.  They want their food to look good on the plate, but taste even better.  Needless to say my burger tasted pretty good.  The sause was evenly spead out, the lettus looked and felt and tasted fresh and the burger patty was really good, perfectly cooked.  It was really awesome.  The employee was nice too.  It was loud in there from the cooking behind him, so I was having a hard time hearing what he was saying, plus he was super tall.  Like at least 6 feet tall.  He was patient though.  Japanese people get really excited when you use Japanese.  Even if it's terrible, they still get excited.  He was very helpful.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I found my book I have been looking for!  Last night before I went to bed, I looked up department stores that were near Kichijoji station.  I wanted to know where they were so I could trying looking there for my stockings.  I found a map of all the department stores around the area, so I decided I would go try where I looked up today.  I go in one department store and I notice that the sign on the wall says that the second basement level is a book store.  I quickly hurried down to the second basement level and came across a sea of books.  It was masive inside!! Each store suprises me here!  I guess you have to be here to understand, but these stores look so tiny on the inside, then when you go inside them, it's like they never end!  And the basement levels are always larger than the upper levels.  They are just amazing!  I found the entire wall just FULL of manga for like $3!  Brand new and in plastic!  I found Vampire Knite in Japanese!!! yay!!!!! That was one of the things I REALLY wanted to buy when I got here.  Unlike the US, the mangas here are ordered by author name, in the US it's ordered alphabetically by title name, mostly because Japanese names are kind of hard to remember.  With the amount of books that were there, I knew that if I asked they were going to ask me who the author was, and I couln't remember.  It was Hino something or other but that was all I knew.  And then I found it!!!! And I was right!  It was Hino Matsuri.  You have no idea how happy I felt finding that book.  Heck, and finding my stockings!! This has proved to be a great day indeed.  :D