Japan Dreams

I have officially been short listed for JET!  Which means that I am offered the job.  I just need to send a response to say that I accept this proposal.  I have many forms that need to get filled out and sent in as soon as possible.  IRS form 8802, FBI identity history, Certificate of health, a copy of my deploma and certification, Japanese insurance forms, and a reply form.  The reply form is basically a short essay saying that I accept the job.  Never heard of a job doing that before.  It sounds odd, but doable.  Needlesstosay, I am actually going to be busy getting ready for my job.  I leave Arizona the 24th of July and depart the country on the 25th of July.  I am both excited and scared for the journey ahead.  

I have never had to live in another country before.  So this will be a new experience for me.  I am most excited for the smallest of things.  For example, I have always dreamed of seeing the cherry blossoms.  Now I will be able to do that.  I have wanted to live in a Japanese appartment, now I can do that.  I also wanted to drive and own a brand new car, now I get to do that.  But I am most excited for the sakura (cherry blossoms).
I got pretty upset recently because the one sensei who encouraged me to pursue this career has passed away.  I really wanted to tell her about being accepted into JET.  She would have been so thrilled to have learned about it.  She first introduced me into the idea of teaching abroad when I took my first class from her.  She asked what I thought about teaching English in Japan.  Well, actually she told me I would love teaching English in Japan.  She never officially asked me.  She just came up to me one day after class and told me to apply for the JET one day because I am going to love that job.  That was the first time I ever heard about the program.
I never told her I was pursueing a career to teach English until a couple years later when we met up again randomly.  She then told me I would like having a TESOL certificate and set up an appointment for me to meet an advisor right then.  She was right about the TESOL.  I am so happy I have that and that I did the program.  It was an excellent program.
I may never be able to tell her that I did infact, follow her "guided" direction, but I am sure she knew.  
Anyway, this was really a pointless message about my sensei that no one really cares about.  At least you know my status with the JET program.  I will write an update soon!  Most likely after adult nationals.