Japan Trip!

Hello there everyone!  Or should I say minna-san!

Our journey began from Phoenix at 2:30am and did not end until the following day at around 6:00am.  Yes.  I was tired.  My first complaint is that the stuwardesses forgot to call in my vegetarian meals and when they informed me of this, they did nothing about it.  I asked if they would give me extral food that did not include the main meal with the meat and they said no.  She even said, "I wish there was something I could do."  -_-  Jerk.  I was so hungry that entire flight.  Apparently, the flight attendants would rather me starve, than give me extra food of everything else.  Stupid.  Not everyone ordered the same thing!  Anyway, after we arrived in Japan we rode the Narita Express to the hotel.  That was interesting.  It was cheaper than I was expecting it to be.  It took about an hour to get from the airport to Tokyo.  I lost my computer about 4 times because I was so tired.  But thankfully, the people of Japan are super nice and don't steal anything.  So I was able to get it back.  

Reading Japanese maps are so hard for me, mostly because they only name major roads, and draw straight lines for all other roads.  Some roads don't have signs, so I get easily confused.  I went the wrong way trying to find my hotel, then realized I went the wrong way, but rather than just turn around, I proceeded to find a major road and happned upon my hotel.   We checked in, and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out.  

Today, we went to McDonalds for breakfast because JD really wanted to, then we went to Ueno to get our JR passes exchanged.  We explored Ueno shopping area for a while and found a very smelly fish market, and a fancy hair place where I got my hair done by a very nice girl wanting to learn English from me. :)  I couldn't help but pay to have my hair done and get a really sparkly barret that is hand made.  Oh, and we also learned that Frozen is a super popular movie out here.  Like really popular.  Frozen things are EVERYWHERE!

Then we decided to get lost for about 40 minutes looking for the meeting place of our afternoon tour.  We finally found it, then we got lunch and waited for our guide to arrive.  Dai Ichi Hotel is a very fancy hotel.  I walked in and felt grossly underdressed.  

Our guide arrived and we went to a garden.  It was so green!!  IT was also cold because it was raining.  We then took a Sumida river cruise on a very flat boat.  Lol.  Some of the boats looked like space ships or something that should be underwater.  I was wondering why the boat was so flat, but then we went under a bridge that was really low, and understood why it was so flat.

After the cruise, we saw a ninja then we went to Asakusa Kannon temple.  It is a Buddhist temple.  So there were many scary looking gaurdians and it smelled like camping due to the insense. We met up with a samurai and we had a drive through of famouse shopping  areas in Japan, like the worlds largest fish market, and plastic food samples, and kitchen supply shops.  The fish market gets over 2000 pounds of fish delivered daily from various parts of Japan and the world.  It opens at 5 am and they are sold out by 1pm.  That's a lot of dead fish.

They dropped us off back at Dai Ichi and we went home after grabbing some dinner.  Well, that was a long day.  Tomorrow will be another day!!