JET Interview Screening Results

I have just received an email from the US embassy of Japan.  This email said that they have posted the results of the applications and they have listed the people who have passed the first stage of the program.  They sent a list of hundreds of ID numbers and I am suppose to sift through them and find only mine?  So I did CTL + F and typed in my number and there it appeared! 

I should be more excited than I am, but quite honestly, I knew I was going to be granted an interview.  It will be getting that email that says I have the job that will send me over the edge of excitement.  I haven't screamed in happiness since my figure skating coach called me back to set up my first skating lesson in years.  I can guarantee that I will be running around the house and the neighborhood screaming if they say I get the job.  People are going to be so scared.  Lol.  I might go get my nails done or something.

Anyway, I wanted you all to be the first to know!  They will be contacting me on Friday and letting me know where my interview will be held.  Hopefully, they place me in Phoenix.  It makes so sense that they would place me somewhere else, but we shall see.