Loving Graduated Life

I got a full time job working at American English and Culture Program (AECP), which is where I did my internship.  I am an executive assistant.  Which makes me a student services specialist in a way.  I starting working for this job a couple of weeks ago.  It is a temp job that will only last until sometime in the summer.  It is a perfect job for me if I am truely going to take this job in Japan.  I would be leaving July 25th, so this job lasting until the summer time would be perfect.  

I had heard that I might be hired for a temp position but I had not heard anything from anyone about it.  So I contacted the last person who informed me about the job, and they forwarded it to coordinator that day, and I had been set up for an interview the next morning at 9:30am.  It was a very quick process.  I go in for the interview, and they told me that I was very highly recommended and had no problems hiring me right away.  All the jobs I have received have been like that.  I go in for an interview and they tell me that I am hired right then, before the interview has even concluded.  It is rather nice.

They wanted me to start working right away, but because I had other obligations with piano students and coaching figure skating.  I ended up starting on a Friday.  Strange day, but I was looking forward to it.  The next couple of weeks have been mostly learning, but I also rather enjoy my job.  I do not enjoy waking up early and getting home late.  I am still trying to adjust to my new life, but other than that, it really is not so demanding.  The work flow is rather balanced and the people I work with are pleasent.  Every now and then, you get a student whose goal is to complain and make you fix things so it matches what they are demanding.  

I actually have student workers now.  I have my own personal student workers.  I didn't think I would get any, but they actually are quite helpful.  And I get to tell them to do all the things that I don't want to do.  Lol.  Now I know why we all went through that phase as interns.  Because it feels awesome being in charge! haha.  I mostly make them deliever the mail to all the teachers and talk to the advisers during the busy times because I would rather they get yelled at than me.  Advisers get really stressed during one hour of the day.  

I do have one student worker that likes to solve all the problems the students have.  Which is very nice of him when you think about it, but at the same time, he gives them false information and false hope.  For example, several student complained about failing their classes during finals week and wanted someone to magically make their grades passing.  Because this frequently happens, they have 2 days during finals week for the students to complain and meet with their teachers and advisers.  After that date, there is nothing that we can do because the grades are final and cannot be changed once the new session starts. Some students have been coming in this past week, wanting to still complain about their failing grades and want them changed.  I have been telling them that the time to complain was finals week, and there is nothing that we can do for them now.  They get really mad and try to get you to sympathize with them so that you will say that there is actually a magic wand that grants their wishes in the closet or something.  They eventually just accept what you say and leave.  This student worker however, tells them that they can contact the head of student success department and see if there is anything that this person can do.  So they go to her, and she gets mad at us for sending them to her because there is nothing she can do, and the students come back to me and complain that I lied to them, when it wasn't me that said things would POTENTIALLY get better in the first place.  I have spoken with this student worker about it, but he really feels compelled to do whatever he can to satisfy the students.  He refuses to accept that there are some issues he just cannot fix.  Because things at the front are usually slow, I am able to interviene before he starts to suggest a "possible" fix to their issue.

I am rather tired all the time because of this job.  I do my best to manage skating with this job, but it is still a learning process for me.  Mostly with sleeping schedules.  Anyway, I felt that everyone out there in internet land deserved an update on this faceless person who happens to have a website that random people read from around the world.  Thanks random people!  You make me happy :D