Maebashi Impression

I moved into my apartment yesterday.  It was a very eventful day.  We rode a bus, ate lunch, met with our supervisors, then departed to our respective locations.  I we to Maesho, which is the high school in Maebashi I will mainly be working.  My belongings were there but I was not able to retreive them because there was no room in her car.  We went to the bank to set up a bank account however we needed to register my resident status so we had to go to the city hall to do that.  It was basically like the DMV were you draw a number and wait while they haphazzardly call out numbers.  By the time that was finished the bank had already closed.  It sounds like it would be late, but it's not.  The banks close early here.  

We went to my apartment, did an initial walk through, then met with the landlords to go over the leasing and rental insurance agreements.  It was difficult to understand but  very reminicient of American procedures so I did alright.  We went back to my apartment and the gas guy was there getting my gas set up.  The landlord showed me how to work the various electronics in the home. Except the washer/dryer.  All 3 of us stood there staring at it not having a clue of what to do lol.  My supervisor told me he would print out an english manuel and give it to me later.  

The gas guy showed me how to use the stove and water.  Its pretty amazing actually.  I can enter in the exact temperature that I want and it will do it for me.  It will also heat the water again if it has gotten cold.

We arranged my furnature a bit, and by that time it was about 6pm.  I met my new neighbor's predecessor and she invited me out to show me around town a little bit and took me to dinner with 3 other people.  

I bought some food for my house but it still feels like there is much that needs to get done.  I should start making a list.  Detergent is number one thus far.

I am waiting for my supervisor to pick me up so we can get an account, and phone.  The cable guy is supposed to come today. They apparently don't have free television like we have.

The weather hasn't been bothering me too much.  The humidity is swimmingly thinck, but I will aclimate eventually.  At least I am not from Ireland where the hottest it gets is 75 degrees!  The poor Irish guy was just suffering.

Maebashi is similar in layout to Phoenix.  There are mountains surounding the flat valley.  It's very neat I think.  

Anyway, this is my quick update of life so far.