Merry Annual Beginnings

Happy new year!  I hope you all enjoy my new design.  If you hate it that much, I can always change it back.  The settings are not disolved into electronic air.  It's all still there.  I felt that it was time for a change.  Mostly because I was tired of seeing so much pink.  I'm not really a pink type of person.  I'm more of a blue and green person.  Plus I like music, I don't like ballet.  ;)

So much has taken place since my last update, and I'm sorry for keeping the world out of the loop.  But to be honest, you don't need to know every last detail of my life, just the highlights.  

Let's start with school.  Next week, I begin classes again as well as my internship.  My classes are not that fulltime because one class is apparently missing     -_-  But we aren't going to go there again.  One of my classes is online and only lasts half a semester instead of the full 12 weeks.  It also does not start until after spring break.  I am very ok with that, and quite frankly, I am looking forward to the course.  Normally, I hate history classes, but this one is called WWII culture in Asia.  I don't know why they say just Asia, the course only covers what was happening in Japan.  I tend to do better and have a higher interest in history courses when they are cut short, because the focus is not on the minor details but on the major events.  (Which are more important in my mind.)  

I finish my TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) certification this semester as well.  I have one more course, as well as my internship.  It's basically student teaching, except I am not supervised by anyone.  I just teach a group of students on my own and develop a curriculumn.  I have a feeling the materials development is going to take up most of my time.  I will be teaching Chinese kindergardeners English for about 2-3 hours a week and the rest of the time I will be working on the curriculumn development.  I need to log 10+ hours a week for my internship.  I'm looking forward to teaching, but I'm also a bit nervous because I have no idea where to start with teaching English to these little children.  I know what I want to do and how to teach it, but I'm just unsure of a starting point.  I'm just going to have to do much research before I begin teaching so that I will know what I am doing.  At least they are young enough to not know the difference. :)

I have another Japanese conversation class as well.  There is going to be a Japanese speach contest in April and the grand prize winner gets a scholarship and a 10 day paid trip to Japan.  This is my goal this semester.  I am really wanting to do really well in this contest.  There is still scholarship prize for 2nd-5th place but only the grandprize winner gets to go to Japan.  I'm hoping I do well.

JD started figure skating lessons this morning.  I'm very happy about this because I have always wanted to try pair skating with someone before.  JD really wants to pair skate and him taking lessons is only the first step in acheiving this goal.  He still has a ways to go before we can skate together, but he can only get better in time and with practice. :)  

Skating for me is going pretty well.  I am working on passing my silver MIF (Moves in the field) and freeskate test before Fiesta Skate competition arrives.  Fiesta skate is the last competition of the season so I am hoping I can move up a level.  I already have a gold meddle from Autumn Antics so I don't mind not doing so well with my score compared to other skaters of the level.  I have been at the bronze level for so long that I just don't want to be in this level anymore.  Plus, I tend to do well when I have motivation.  People skating better than me at the same level is certainly motivation.

I promice to update more often so you know what's going on with me.  But if I don't get around to it, just keep in mind that I am a poor college student with no life. :)