National's Week!

So this week is adult figure skating nationals.  I am both excited and nervous.  I am excited because I really like to perform figure skating, and this is the first time I have gone out of state to compete for something.  I practice tomorrow, which is nice.  Also, it will give me a chance to aclimate.  There is actual snow on the ground and on the mountains here.  I was not expecting that.  It is rather cold, acording to my tastes.  I am sure that other people would find this weather just fine.  I am a very cold blooded person.  That could be because I have lived in Arizona my entire life.  

I hate flying, and so far this day has been terrible because it included a flight.  I really don't like flying.  My mother suggested that I recite some scripture while the plane is taking off.  I thought that was a good idea, so I did that.  However, I felt like I was saying my last words and the scriptures were my final prayers.  It really made me freak out.  I was actually crying.  So, I had to stop doing that.  I think I will just drink more wine next time.

I have also used uber for the first time today.  I thought I was going to get really creepy drivers, when in fact, they are actually really nice.  I think it is because the drivers decide whether they want to work or not.  Plus they have nice cars.  I like riding in their cars.  It gives me a chance to decide what kind of new car I want someday lol.

My hotel is nice.  It has an actual kitchen.  They just didn't provide any utensils.  Why? Why would you do that?  It makes no sense.  So I just went to the grocery store and bought some microwaveable foods and plastic wear.  At least this place has free breakfast at an actual restaurant.

So, tomorrow I practice and will get a pedicure and manicure.  There won't be much of an update.  Wednesday I compete.  We shall see how well I do!  Pray for me!