Fine Arts Festival

Fine Arts Festival is coming up on Saturday!!!  Actually, its more like a competition, but we call it a festival to make it sound more friendly.

I am very proud of my sister for all the hard work she has done for it this year. 

On March 23, it was open mic night at my church's youth service.  Which means that they try and fit as many people participating as possible into one night.  I really like watching the talent on stage.  I didn't realize how great everyone is!!

My sister made a beautiful tree out of wire that she will submit as 3D art.  I am praying that she wins the award of excellence.  That means she gets first in state.  She really spent alot of time on it and it has alot of meaning to her.  I personally find this tree the best thingin the world that she has ever created!!  She is very artistically tallented.

Anyway, that is what is happening on Saturday!! I hope to see as many of you people at Phoenix First as possible!!