Oh Craziest of Days

Wow, so Wednesday was like the most busy day I have had in a long while.  This week in general is just full of stuff and partly that has to do with having had my surgery a couple weeks ago and partly it just has to do with getting married and the rest of that is all just random stuff related to school and work.  Well, anyway.  This Wednesday however, was extremely eventful.


It started with me waking up and finishing up my laundry for the day so that I had something to wear and putting away my now dried clean dishes from last night.  Nothing too much, just pretty normal for me to do on any typical morning.  Then I get ready, have breakfast, finish a book I had read for class on Thursday, then headed out to go to work.  It takes me about 35-45 minutes to get to work everyday, it depends on the weather, traffic, and other things sometimes. (You would be surprized by what actually delays me).  


After my long drive to work, I arrive and see that my boss is not in and has gone out for a walk.  So I just head to my office and turn on my Mac I use for work, and notice that the Dell we use and have our system on has been shut off.  That's very unusual, that never gets turned off.  So I turned it back on and while waiting for it to power up I check my emails and see if anything is urgent.  There was one item that needed my imediate attention so I handled that quite quickly.


The situation was this guy that purchased something from us in May of 2010 from Sennheiser, needed to have it warranty reparied back in December 2011.  Sennheiser offers a 2 year warranty so nothing should have been charged.  Well, with this guy, he sends it back to Sennheiser and they charge him for the repair.  He calls us pissed thinking we were the ones that called the charge when we are just the dealer, the vender does all that charging.  He slaps this issue onto us not wanting to have to deal with it, still thinking we are the issue after a lengthy explanation we are not.  We forward the information to Sennheiser via email.  They take care of their mistake and refund the charge made to him and quickly send his product back repaired.  We are in late January by this point.  


A couple weeks later after he received his equipment back and tries it out, it still does not work.  He then becomes very furious and wants us to take care of Sennheiser's mistake once again.  We email SR (Sennheiser, its just easier that way), and they tell him to send it back and they will take care of it.  He sends it back. A few weeks go by and he hasn't heard anything from SR if they received it or not.  He calls us AGAIN blaming us for this issue, we give him SR number but he insists it is us.  We contact SR and say what the heck is up with you guys taking so long to fix this dudes issue!  And they say they can't find his package because they have so many that come in daily that it's easy for it to get lost without a tracking number.  So we call the angry blamy dude back, get tracking from him, email the tracking to SR, and they said that they found it and will fix it and send it back within 48 hours.  This they do, however, they only sent him one piece of what he sent when there were 3 other parts.  I got the lovely email saying that I needed to fix this issue because my boss is tired of working on it.  So I emailed SR and forwared them all the information that I had in my email regarding this guy and told them in a very lovely email (that was sarcasm) that they should take care of this issue because it was suppose to have been handled fully back in December when it first was brought up and now we are in March.


After that was taken care of, I get a phone call from a guy that wanted to place an order.  I take his order down and get all of his information.  He was very friendly and we chatted shortly.  I go to put his order in so that I can give him a definite total in the Dell and low and behold! I am greated with the blue screen of death.  I explain that my PC has suddenly decided that it doesn't want to work with me today and I asked him how soon he needed this order.  He didn't care just as long as it didn't take more than 2 weeks to get to him he was going to be fine.  I assured him that one way or another, we would be able to get the order in withing 48 hours.  He didn't care, he was very nice.  


I get off the phone with him and try to get the dying PC to work.  3 times I got the lustrious blue screen of death.


I heard my boss come back from her walk and start to explain to me a new list making method that she wants me to try and says that I am not good at following lits at all and that I need to make my life more list oriented at least where work is concerned and I almost wanted to invite her to school with me to see that my entire life is centered around timelines and schedules and lists and I have informed her of this several times, but I guess because I don't use the lists exactly as she does that it doesn't matter to her.  So I just sat there taking in everything that she was telling me, trying to pretend that I was engaged and really serious.  Some of the things that she tells me are very hurtful and insulting but I try my best to just ignore it, but it never works, and already my day just got ruined and it had just started. 


Once she is finished with her rampage, She tells me that I screwed up and needed to fix a mistake with shipping labels having been the wrong wieght.  She said that it was my fault and that I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing.  I really wish she would stop doing that and acusing me of things before she actually knows.  Because this instance that she was scolding me about, was not my fault at all, I called the guy and asked him to weigh the boxes and tell me the dimentions and that I would send him the labels.  So it was the dude that told me the incorrect weight.  He called the day I was off work and told my boss that I screwed up the weight when I didn't have anything to do with it.  She wanted me to send him new labels, but with the PC committing suicide back to back, that was just not gonna be possible.


Since there was nothing that I could do, she preceeds to tell me how I need to call Reg and have him instruct me on backing up the entire computer incase they have to either fix it, or get a new one.  I had got the computer to stop killing itself and actually stay on, but it was just running extremely slowly.  So Laurie ran off to try and find all her thumb drives and in the meantime I was on the phone with Reg.  Reg told me to hook up the harddrive and I told him Laurie was off somewhere and he told me to find her.  So I set off on a journey thru the house and I have no idea where she went to.  I was yelling her name at the top of my lungs and I swear she disappeared.  Then as soon as I get on the phone to tell Reg that I can't find Laurie, she appears.  Reg talks to Laurie for only a few minutes and then appears a harddrive that she was vigorously looking for.  I don't know how he does it.  He hasn't even been home in 9 months and he knows exactly where things are that he has never seen before.  He's gotta me the best human being on Earth or something.


So begins the backing up process.  I get the harddrive hooked up, and start copying, and then find out that the computer thinks the copying will take anywhere from 30 to 172 minutes.  So, I obviously had to move and just wait for it to finish working.  I went on to working online and doing work on the website and I kept getting calls from people wanting tracking numbers from items we had shipped and I couldn't give them anything because the PC was out.  Some were angry and other were totally fine with it and didn't care.  Then 2 hours later there was an error with the backup and I called Reg and as soon as I picked up the phone he was on the phone,  it was weird.  He called at the exact moment I picked up the phone so it didin't even have time to ring or notify me in anyway.  That is only the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.  Like EVER.  lol.  


So we had to take an extra hour working on a different way to copy the folder, but the error message was still appearing.  So I had to go in and copy every, single, file, and document, one, by, one.........  It was the longest process I ever had to do.  While in the midst of doing this tedious copying, my church calls me and tells me that they need to have ear buds like tonight and I need to be there by 5 so that they could use them for practice.  So I got permission to take the ear buds to my church and invoice them later.  By this time, I had about 30 minutes left of work if I wanted to be able to pick up something for my Mom and make it to church in time.  Thankfully, the computer was completed with the backup as soon as work was over and I went over my list with Lauie and took off.  


I looked up the location of the store that I needed to go to the pick up whatever it was that I needed to pick up for my Mom.  I used the GPS and it was not at all where it was telling me it was. I called my mom and she said that I just needed to slowly drive around and pay close attention.  I spent at least 10 minutes with her on the phone.  I was getting really frustrated becasue I was running late and she was talking to me like it was where it said and I am just not paying attention.  I just wanted to leave because i didn't want to be any later to my church.  She gave me there number and I called and asked where they were and it was in a completely different location than my mom insisted it was.  And the directions this lady gave me were just abserd.  She didn't even let me make sure that I knew what she was talking about.  I don't live in that area, and I have only been there like 3 times in my entire life and none of those times was I the driver.  How I actualy found that place is a miracle in and of itself.  So I get the stuff, and just take off to head to church. 


While on the way my dad calls, and I had time cuz I was driving, and while talking with him, there is just massive traffic and it was making me even more frustrated.  I was just on the move all the time all day and no breaks inbetween whatso ever.  It was really starting to wear on me and I didn't like it.  After talking with my dad, I made it to church, I was late, but thankfully, they were running late too so it didn't really matter.  I give them the earbuds, and head to my mom's house because she said that she needed me to take her to scottsdale so that her and Patrick could start driving to Flag together.  As it turns out, I didn't need to take her at all.  She drove herself there, and finally for once, I have time to myself, where nothing is busy.  


I did have to write my paper, but I was just not ready to push myself anymore that day.  


Wow, haven't had a day like THAT in a looooong while. :)