Osaka Exploration

The day after visiting my friend I did not feel so well.  My throat was not feeling well and I had a cough.  I took some of the medicine that I purchased and that actually helped my throat some.  We went to the little conbini (Convienence store) in the hotel and got some food to eat for breakfast.  I was trying to be sure to get some food that would help my sickness and my throat also.  

After eating, Jd wanted to go exploring the area, so we head out the explore all the shops that were open.  In Japan, most places don't open until after 11am so we had plenty of time to relax in our hotel before leaving to do anything.  

We walked up and down various streets taking pictures of silly signs and clothing that we saw with Engrish.  One shop we went to had such cute clothing, I couldn't help but purchase something for myself.  I found a jacket and JD found a skirt that was frilly.  It was on a 50% off rack and the jacket was also on sale, so we decided to buy the items.  At check out, the skirt wasn't showing up as 50% off, and normally I would have said something, but the jacket was more off than I was expecting so the amount would have been the same.  So I didn't say anything.  Plus, I think someone put the skirt back on the wrong rack because everything that was on sale was clearly marked, and the skirt was not marked.

After our purchase we continued walking up and down the shopping street.  It was like a huge strip mall.  We passed by an arcade, and I really had been wanting to do a photo booth with JD so I walked inside.  There are always Photo booths inside arcades in Japan, so I knew they would be there.  We found one that had fun features and did them.  It was so fun!  I wish we had photo booths like that in the US.  And they are not that expensive either.  The ones we have in the US are more expensiveand they lack features.  

The photos came out really funny.  We decorated them and drew on them and then they were printed.  They printed out two copies so we each could have one.  They are also stickers.  I put them on my computer and on my headphone case.  The rest I think I will add in a scrapbook.  I don't know what JD has done with his stickers.

We found a place that we could buy Japanese crepes.  I love their crepes!!  They are so delicious.  JD was excited to try some, so we stood in line and examined the menu.  We had to leave the line because I started to have a coughing fit.  I didn't want to give everyone else my sickness so I left.  I was in search of a vending machine so I could buy some water to help sooth my throat.  Once I had my water, my coughing spell subsided.  We went back to the crepe stand and bought some.  The were SOOO good.  I love them.  

We continued to check out the shops and take pictures of the funny or interesting things that we saw.  We also found a restaurant with a fish tank outside.  You tell the staff what fish you want to eat and they take it out of the tank and cook it for you.  I have heard about those places but had never seen one before.  I felt bad for the eels only because I think they are a really neat fish!  We did not eat there because it was expensive.

I bought all the gifts people had requested I buy for them that day.  After we walked around everywhere and saw all the shops we could, we were hungry and tired.  We ha been walking around for a couple of hours.  I wanted to have takoyaki at least once more before we returned home the next day.  In Osaka it is everywhere!  It was not hard to find a shop to buy them at.  I found one that seemed  to be the cheapest with the most little balls to eat.  I had my lunch then we went back to our hotel, and JD bought himself some food and ate it in the hotel.  He was not feeling well either so he took a nap after he ate.  I watched some TV for a while, then I worked on packing our things so that it would all fit neatly.

 After the sun went down, we walked around Doutonburi with all the lights on.  I had seen that there were boat rides you could take around the city, but we could not find where you buy the tickets for them.  We weren't able to do it.  I really wanted to.  We thought it would be really romantic.  Oh, well.  It probably would have been expensive anyway.  So we decided to walk along the river and see the lights that way instead of riding a boat.  It was really pretty.

We went in a couple of shops and bought last minute items to take back with us to the US, such as rice and green tea candy.  While walking around we had discovered that there was a cat cafe right next to the hotel.  It had just closed too.  I wished we would have seen that sooner!  I love cat cafes.  I had cats waiting for me at home so I just looked forward to seeing them instead.  

We took more pictures of silly things and after walking around everything we went back to the hotel, watched some TV, ate food, and then went to sleep.  We were poor sick people so the day really exhausted us.

Sorry it has taken so long to post this.  There has been a lot going on.