Pro-National Update

This will be a quick update.  I only have about 10 minutes before I have to go back to work.

I ended up getting not so good marks on my Freeskate from nationals.  I was happy with my skate at least and I had fun.  That is all that really matters.  I also skated my best I ever had on my Dramatic skate, but did not get on the podium.  However, acording to all others I had never met before, I won the silver in their minds.  So, that is what we are going with.  I got silver in my dramatic skate, and I actually DID get silver for my penguin program.  I did not know what to expect for that one, but I am glad that I came home with a medal.  It was a very fun experience and many of my dreams of skating came true.  I left Utah on a grand note, and look forward to someday returning to the national figure skating championships in the US.

It took me about a week to fully adjust to life again once coming back from nationals.  I was exhausted and a little depressed.  I went shopping and bought a yoga mat and some AZ like socks.  I actually use the yoga mat, before those of you who know me exceptionally well start asking why the heck would I buy one.  I did a lot of streching to improve flexibility (actually, to maintain my flexibility), and I would rather not stretch on the nasty floors at the ice rink.  Especially since the people right before me on Wednesday are hockey players and the people right after me are ankle biters.  The floor is anything but sanitary.  I don't think I have ever seen a mop or broom for that matter at Arcadia.  I rather like my mat.  

At work today, one of my student workers apparently got an email from her teacher of her final grade for the class.  Which, I guess is ok?  I mean, those grades get posted on blackboard anyway so I am not sure why the teacher emailed them, but this teacher emailed the entire class one document, which had everybody's grades for ALL assignments and tests, plus the final grades, INCLUDING their ID numbers.  That violates all kinds of laws not to mention security regulations of ASU.  People can actually go to jail or be sued hefty fines for giving out ID numbers and grades willy nilly.  

If my student worker was merely looking at her grade and just ignoring everyone elses then this would not have become such a big problem, but she wasn't.  She was making fun of the students who received failing or just above failing grades because this course was supposedly an easy A.  I couldn't believe she was doing that.  I couldn't believe the teacher emailed that private information to everyone!  I wanted to report the teacher to security at ASU but she refused to tell me who the teacher was or what class it was.  I told her to delete that document and at least email her teacher that it was innappropriate to send that info, but she continued to tell others of the poor grades of those poor students.  I told her I was filing a report and she said I was being unethical and left.  

I contacted the security hotline at ASU and reported not only the teacher, but my student worker as well.  She should not have been messing around with sensitive information like that.  I probably would have let it go had she just ignored it but she didn't.  Her conduct was uncalled for, and in her words, "unethical."  Do you think I made the right call?

Ok, my time is up and need to head back.

Thanks for reading!