So today I just did not want to wake up.  I hate mornings.  Especially when I have to wake up against my will.  Today was even worse, mostly because I didn't get to sleep until late.  I have to have the TV on to fall asleep.  I need white noise  to sleep.  However, I should have changed the channel it was on because they were telling a creepy story and it was true!  This lady was beating people to death and no one was doing anything about it that knew what she was doing.  It was horrible and I couldn't go to sleep until I knew that she was put in jail.  Then they started talking about brainwashing and I started reading about it because I needed closure and assurance that it was not going to happen some time to me during the night.  This is the reason why I went to sleep so late.

I get to class and we watched an episode of a Japanese comedy  called "Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo" which means the Japanese that Japanese people don't know.  It was really funny.  At first he told us that it was a drama and we were all expecting it to be ridiculous soap oprah acting but once it started he told us he made a mistake and that it was actual a comedy.  It was really funny.  It was the first show I have watched in Japan when most of the captions were not necessary.  I understood pretty much everything they were saying because the entire show is a Japanese language class and what happens to all the students in the class.  Because the show was mostly in a classroom teaching Japanese, it was easy for me to understand.  Being an advanced learner of Japanese, the classes are taught in Japanese so therefore I pretty much know all the words necessary to take a language learning class in Japanese.

Anyhow, after that class and the next class, i went to the study center to do my reading homework since it was all online this time and not from a book.  They were having Japanese language tutoring during the time I was there so I just put my head phones on and listened to Japanese radio online since Pandora and Spotify are not an option in Japan.  I took note of the artists of the songs that I liked a lot because I have been wanting to buy a CD from Japan as it is the only form of electronics that are not region locked. 

After studying I went to 7/11 on campus to withdraw money, the only problem with that is that I forgot to bring my bank card with me.  This really frustrated me.  I didn't have enough money to buy anything and I didn't want to go all the way back home only to come all the way back to school to get money then go back home, it seemed really stupid.  I had money but not enough to get me thru to tomorrow.  So as soon as I went home I went to look for an ATM that accepted international cards.  I walked around until I found 3 banks.  Unfortunately, they weren't accepting my card.  I don't know why.  I found a police box (a tiny police station) and asked him where I could go to use my card.  He told me to go to Citi Bank.  He told me how to use it and I think I was putting my card in wrong before and was the reason why it wasn't working before.  I went to the Citi Bank ATM and it worked.  I was able to get money out and that just made me feel so much better.  

I went back to my hotel because I felt really sticky from the humidity and chatted with my mom for a bit.  After I had a relaxed some I went shopping.  And I went a little crazy with the shopping but I'm only in Japan for a little while longer so there is nothing wrong with spending money.  I have budgeted how much money I am aloud to spend a day and I pick a day of the week and budget how much money I can spend at once.  I haven't spent more than I budgeted for the trip which is a really good thing. 

Well, now that I have returned from my massive shopping spree, I stopped by a grocery store and bought some milk and the largest peach I have ever seen!!  It was so juicy and delicious!  A flavor we don't have in the US.  I wish I was aloud to take produce back with me so that you all can try it but that's just not possible sorry everyone!

Now I'm just going to watch some TV cuz it's really funny and head off to bed.  This time not having a creepy program on TV.