JD and I went to H&R Block to have our taxes completed by a professional yesterday.  I am very glad that we did because otherwise, we would have been very confused.  The man was really nice and helped us out a lot.  We pretty much just had to sit there and let him do all the work.  He occasionally asked us questions but otherwise it was a rather quick process.  Last year, I used Turbo Tax to file my taxes and when you have a 1099, it just makes things so confusing and it because too difficult to understand and mistakes are more likely to be made.  So, rather than suffer through the extream confusion, we went to H&R and an actual human assist us with our government mandated income tax returns.


I had some Kohl's cash given to me by my mother so we went to Kohl's and I purchased a pair of sunglass.  I never understood why exactly they are called a pair when it is only one object.  There are two lenses but there are not two sunglasses.  It has never made sense to me.  I usually try to avoid saying the phrase but this instance I used it just to bring up this very point.  Anyway, I have been wanting sunglasses for a while.  Mostly because when I arrive at school in the morning, the sun is reflecting off almost everything and it just happens to attemp to make me blind.  So rather than try and walk to class amoungst 20,000 people with my eyes closed or squinting, I sought the assistance of tinted eye glasses.  I use to have sunglasses way back in the day, they were blue. I really liked them too.  I wonder whatever happened to them.  Hmmmmmmmm...  Doesn't matter!!


I have been trying to find some running shoes so I can resume jogging everymorning.  I use to do that for quite a few months, then I got rid of the shoes I was using (they were borrowed I think) and I have not been able to resume the exercise since.  It was quite refreshing and I liked it quite a bit.  Brand new athletic shoes are rediculously expensive.  So I tried payless and they didn't even have any.  Yesterday, we went to Goodwill and they had quite a few, but they were either too small, or whomever wore them before had terrible feet and ruined the padding inside a wierd way.  I think I may just have to save up and buy the expensive athletic shoes.  Hopefully they won't be neon colored.  I don't know what is up with the neon colored work out clothes recently.  It's rediculous and looks absolutely stupid.