The Return Home from Japan pt2

I made sure that I had my vegetarian meal this time.  I walked up to the counter and showed the lady my boarding pass and told her that it doesn't show a special meal as I had requested.  So she called someone and they had it prepared for me which was wonderful.  If this happens again I am going to quit flying Delta.  I just signed up for the frequent flyer miles too.  So I would loose my thousands of miles I have already logged.  Anyway, that was taken care of.   And us poor sicklings were finally boarded.

The flight attendant who gave me a hard time the flight there about not having my food was on this flight.  She approached me and accusingly asked if I was on her flight before.  I was afraid to answer yes because she sounded like she had unresolved issues on that previous flight.  I was not sure what was going to happen to me.  I said that I was then she became really friendly.  I don't think she really wanted to be friendly tho.  it was rather strange.  We sat next to a college student (it appeared she was a college student) and us sicklings were coughing and sniffling the entire flight home.  I am rather sure that the girl caugh our sickness as she was exposed to it for almost 12 hours but there was nothing we could really do about that.

I did get my vegetarian meal.  Yay!! So there was no starvation this time.  I also got wine right away to ease my nerves.  Wine wasn't free the flight there but it was free the flight back.  We also took the save type of jet.  Go figure.

I watched 3 movies, some tv shows, listened to music and played bejeweled for a number of hours.  I was really addicted to that game.  i don't know why I was, but it was time consuming at least.  

We land in California and had a couple hours to get through immagration and find our next flight.  It would have gone quicker had the airport not been crowded with planes so they had to drive all the passengers to the immagration office.  Although,  I don't know why I had to specifically be that location they sent us.  We were standing next to a different immagration office, with 6 people just sitting in their windows doing nothing for almost 45 minutes.  Why couldn't we just go to those windows and make our way to baggage claim?  It was very frustrating and I was angry and tired and sick, and I was mean and made sure to cough and sneeze and shake hands with the dumb people bussing us to another window, that was one minute away.  Pointless, that ordeal was entirely pointless. 

Most of immagration for this airport was with computers.  I found that rather counterproductive as the same steps had to be repeated once we got to customs.  We could have just skipped that entire step of frustrating (but hilarious) computers.  California does not seem to understand what it takes to be efficient.  They only know complicated.  I wonder at how the poor foreigners faired.  Americans are not at all sympathetic when it comes to people who don't know English.  They either get angry that they didn't bother to learn English, or they think that talking loudly and slowly suddenly makes them understand the language.  Seriously, there was a flight attendant who was asking a Korean person what he wanted to drink, he answer in Korean, and rather than ask a bilingual flight attendant, who was right behind her, what he had said, she just said loudly "Tea? Milk? Soda? Water?"  He said that he didn't know English in Korean (of the very minute things I know of Korean "I don't know English/Korean" is def one of them).  So she repeats herself still speaking loudly but slower  "TEA?! WATER!? SODA?!"  The guy finally just gave in and said yes to whatever she said.  I laughed at the ridiculousness and felt bad not for the Korean guy, but for the lady.  I felt what she did was very rude an inconciderate.  The lady that spoke Korean was right behind her.  And I mean their backs were almost touching.  It would have saved her the energy to just turn around and ask her friend what he wanted.  That would have been more polite.  

Anyhow, rudenss aside.  We continue to baggage claim and get our bags, we had to go to customs to make sure that we didn't take anything illegal into the states.  And I somehow got randomly selected for interigation and when I said I came with my husband they spent the next 10 minutes trying to get him to the location where I was.  And by the time they found him, he just let me go.  It was weird and again pointless.  

We check our bags in, I see a currancy exchange place, and exchage the Yen I had left into Dollars.  I should have done that back in Japan.  I ended up loosing $20 with all their fees.  Ridiculousness I tell you!!  The money I ended up with was basically nothing.  Oh well.  You live an learn I guess.  

So then came the fun part.  TSA.  I get thru fine, no issues.  My husband on the other hand, failed again to inform the agent of his knee braces and had to be taken somewhere  in the distance for further investigation.  Again, I did my best to contain my laughter.  Needlesstosay he was not a happy camper when that ordeal was over.  Lol  Poor Joshy.

Then it was just a waiting game until we could board the flight home.  It was not that long of a wait.  The airport took out most of our time with their pointlessness.  I wonder how many of those poor foreigners missed their flight?

We were in business class because upgrading was only an extra $20.  Who wouldn't upgrade?  We had the best leg room anyone could ask for.  We get on the plane, and there is a 10 year old in first class, and an 8 year old in busines class, and the parents were in coach.  I would have said "When u make all the money, then you can sit in better seats than us, but until then, be happy u are even on a plane."  These parents let their kids do anything they wanted.  I felt sorry for the man stuck next to the girl in business class.  The kid in first class didn't have issues, he only wanted cafinated soda but the flight attendant wouldn't give it to him.  The girl had an iPhone.  An iPhone!!  What the heck is wrong with these parents?  The kid is 8!  What in the world could she be needing a cell phone for?  And more importantly, who was she texting?  She never put her phone on airplane mode, the attendant actually took it away at one point and she wined and winded about it until she got it back.  She spilled all her drink all over herself, hopefully not on the guy next to her.  And worst of all, she would not sit still!!  It was driving me crazy!!  I almost wanted to yell to her parents "Stop being lazy and DO SOMETHING!!!"  

Aside from that, our flight was great.  Up and down quickly.  We were comfortable and got extra food and drink because they skipped us on accident lol.

We landed, got our bags, JD's dad picked us up and we were on our way home to sleep the sleep of angels.  That's what my bed felt like to me.  A cloud for angels.