Tokyo Bound

I am currently at the LAX waiting for our flight to begin boarding!  This entire experience has been....eventful to say the least.  

My predecessor I guess has bitterness about not being a part of JET any longer or something  cuz she has been rude to me.  She hasn't been answering any of my questions and has been giving me the cold shoulder on so much.  She has not been in Japan since March do to a severe back injury.  She keeps trying to claim to me that she hasn't been responding to any of my questions because she has been trying to recover from back procedures but then on Facebook, she talks about working at some anime con or interviewing people for her company.  She also mentions being so bored that she would read or draw.  Yeah, she is ignoring me on purpose. My supervisors are being very helpful and nice about everything.

The flight to LA was absolutely terrible.  It was not  a good thing to be dealing with right after an emotional last skate at Oceanside.  The flight was delayed for 2 hours.  Then we get on the plane, and they just sat there for 45 minutes trying to arrange all the luggage, then they didn't even offer refreshments.  The landing was awful too.  It was very bumpy and he swirved the entire time.  I almost had a panic attack.

We get to the baggage claim area and about half the JETs don't have their luggage, including me.  the bag missing, happened to be holding my figure skates.  We notify the counter and most of the bags never made it out of Phoenix.  Thankfully, mine and one other persons did.  They told us the bags were on a US Airways plane.  So we had to lug our stuffd and walk to the next terminal and ask them.  They tthen tell us they don't have it and it was another airline again.  We had to walk another 3 terminals!  The bags werent there.  So we went to the counter and asked and they knew immediately where our stuff was.  Thank goodness.

We had to walk to the bus stop then finally I got to the hotel.  It was 230pm at this point.  I hadn't eaten anything since 430am.  I had a snack at the airport around 9am but it was not sufficient enough.  I ordered room service for fish tacos.  It was the best fish tacos I ever had.  Well worth the amount of money I paid.  

Then I had a meeting and at the meeting, I got information that I was denied permission to bring in my prescriptions because of an incomplete application back in June 2nd.  Why didn't anyone tell me anything back in June?  I got no email or any phone call from my coordinator.  I was angry.  She called Japan and said they would approve a one month supply of my presciption and 2 month supply of my contacts.  I open my bags to get the extra boxes of contacts to send home, and the security at PHX confiscated them so I guess I have to get them in Japan from now on.  

It was just a really bad day.  I made it easily to the airport now, and am just waiting for boarding so I can tell them I need a vegetarian meal and window seat.  Otherwise there will be a panick attack going down in this plane.


Wish me luck!