Tokyo Sky Tree

My husband and I took a bus to the Sky Tree because it was the only way to arrive there without having to do much walking and it was cheaper than taking the subway.  The bus took us dirrectly to the Sky Tree shopping center.  The Sky Tree is huge!  We saw the top of it when we arrived and didn't think we were directly under it because all we saw were buildings.  We walked around thinking that the tower was on the other side of the building and in doing so came accross a hand made candy shop.  They were making a huge display out of candy.  They gave us a sample of their awesome candy creations and it was so delicious!  I couldn't help but buy some.  Plus, they say tokyo sky tree and have the tower on them.  So it's a snack and souvenier all in one.

We left the store and found a shopping mall, but it has more than just shopping.  It's a huge place!  There is a museum and an aquarium inside!  A penguin aquarium!  We didn't have enough time to go to it otherwise we would have.  I love penguins!!  

We finally get outside and there the tower was in all its blue glory!  It apparently changes colors depending on the season.  I thought it was always blue because thats the color I've always seen it as in pictures.  It was really amazing.  JD and I could not contain our excitement.  We took so many pictures.  It was actually pretty difficult to do because of how tall it was.  JD said that he wanted to go inside of it, but there was some miscommunication earlier so I didn't bring extra money.  We dicided that we would come back the next day.  

We found a chocolate shop that had 56 different chocolates from around the globe.  It smelled really good inside.  JD had a cornette with hazelnut chocolate inside.  It smelled good.  I couldn't have it but JD told me it tasted great.

We decided to head back home before the last bus left, but that proved difficult because our bus was not clearly marked so we couldn't find the stop.  We took another bus that took us fairly close to where we needed to be and walked back to the hotel.  It took a while to get back but going to the sky tree was worth it.  I didn't expect it to as much fun as it was.