What's to do is Much of Nothing

I hate when people don't do what they are suppose to do.  For example, just like what has happened today.  I will explain.

So, there is a client in Payson, AZ who is doing an instal this week for their new church.  They ordered quite a large amount of equipment from us and we have spent great lengths of time researching and giving the best equipment for what they can afford.  Needless to say, we are on a first name basis.  We have been working with them for the past 3 months trying to get everything perfect and ordered and ready to go for this week.  Seems easy enough right?  We gave ourselves plenty of time, ordered everything 2-3 weeks out so we are absolutely positive that they will have everything, and if there is an issue, there would be enough time to fix it before this week.  Seems quite prepared doesn't it? ............ BULL!!!

Right from the get go we had issues.  We ordered the mixing desk first because that takes the longest and quite honestly, it is the only thing that has gone RIGHT!  We ordered speakers at the end of June, because JBL has a history of having random items on backorder.  So, we send over the order for the speakers to JBL, and low and behold we get a phone call.  And that can only mean one thing, something on the order is backordered.  Well, that day, it was not so.  Good news!  Nothing was backordered.  Bad news, we are currently redoing our inventory system, we should be up and running within a week. Ok, no big deal.  Manageable.  We an work with that.  A week goes by, we don't hear anything from them.  So we call.   


They say, "oh we are still working on that system, we are almost finished, perhaps maybe 24-48 hours more, we promise."  That 48 hours turned into one month and the speakers made it there just before they started getting ready for instal. And wait!! It gets better!!!  The grill for one of the speakers is damaged beyond repair.  So we have to contact the chaos that is known as JBL and get it sorted (oh dear, I'm beginning to talk like Reg >.<).  That mess was just resolved on Tuesday.  Or so, we hope anyway. And that's just the speakers, we haven't gotten to anything else yet.

SO....... We ordered lighting from Chauvet (JBL and Chauvet are apart of HP marketing who was doing the inventory change)  Ironically, Chauvet did lie to us on how long it was going to take, but their length was too short.  They were done 2 weeks before they said and didn't even to bother and tell us.  So we thought, wow, something is going good.  But we spoke too soon.  We got a call from NOT Chauvet, but the client himself.  Informing us that the wonderous lights we ordered for him have arrived.  But the only issue is, the cables that came with them are 5 pins.  The lights are 3 pinned. -_-  Why in the world, did NO ONE from Chauvet NOTICE on the order that something was ascue?????  Really?  NOBODY ever THOUGHT of that??????!!!  So after we get worked out and order the right cables, we think, ok, we are checking EVERYTHING from now on. And boy are we glad we did.

2 companies never received a purchase order and not only that, but half the items were on back order until the end of the month. (by this point it was July).  One company shipped the items to the complete wrong address and we never even sent them that address on the PO in the FIRST place.  Don't where their brains were on that one. We had to pay for shipping twice on the same items!!  These items totaled over 200lbs. So u can imagine what that must have cost to ship back!  However, after much aggrivation on the phone, we forced the company to pay for their own blindness.  But what a pain that was. 

Then randomly we get a call from our client saying everything had arrived except for his video equipment. We about thru our hands up in the air with frustration, from hearing in mid July, everything that was supposedly backordered until August was shipped. After all that work we went thru.  It was stupid to say the least.

Just this past week, the client calls again saying that he has not received everything for his video order.  I called and checked and the final package was on its way.  He called 2 days ago to say, he has no screens to go with his projectors.  And guess what?? They were never ordered!!!!  The IDIOT that was put the order in for us, conviniently left that part out. -_-  So I have been spending the last 2 days trying to fix mistakes that could have all been avoided if someone was doing their job correctly!!!  

It's just mind boggling to me how we have had an issue with every single company save one, for ALLLLL THE SAME REASONS!!!  Someone is NOT doing their job.  So I have to do SOOOO much fixing and work now, pretty much wasting my time, when I could be doing sales, or making mics, or I don't know, AUDIO ENGINEERING, all because someone decided to do nothing.

Oh goodness gracious me. -_-



PS: I know I can't spell, so please don't remind me. :P