Yay for Happiness!!

I have a gloriously wonderful announcement that will make all you people happy (especially those in my family).  I will explain it from the beginning and not tell you exactly what until the end.  Tho I am more than certain you will be able to figure it out once you read the first couple sentences.

Nikki came and visited me during this past spring break because she and 3 of her friends came to attend a wedding.  She brought with her her boyfriend and his sister, and a friend J.D.  I knew who he was from Facebook and found it comical how he always commented on nearly everything Nikki posted.  I use to tease him that he had a crush on Nikki because of it. 

A couple months after then, J.D. sent me emails and facebook messages and we just started talking.  They started off really serious and it was strange for me at least at how easy it was to open up to him.  I wasn't afraid to say anything to him, and I had barely known him at the time.

We started texting and our conversations became more casual and humorous. 

While I was on my vacation in California, Nikki and I hung out with him a couple times.  We spent the entire first day together and just having a plain good time.  We didn't really do much, but it was nice at least to be around Nikki and a mutual friend.

On Sunday during the vacation, NIkki, JD and I went to Discovery Kingdom Six Flags.  It was SOOO much fun!!  During the time at six flags, it became very aparent to me that I really liked hanging out with him.  Nikki noticed it too.  She was acting very gidding and strange.  I have never seen that side of her before.  It was odd to say the least.

That same evening, we watched Anne of Green Gables (of all movies he picked a 3 hour chick one??).  After the movie was over, I wanted JD to figure out how I felt about him without telling him, and the best way I knew how to do this, was to poke him, and shove him, and eventually it turned to a full on struggle on the couch.  After we exhausted ourselves at 3am I started almost falling asleep on him.  It was NIkki who said that he needed to leave because it was getting late. 

The next day I was going home and I really did not want to go.  I wanted him  to tell me he liked me too.  I knew that he did and I really wanted him to admit it aloud. I have had it gone wrong when I say something first, and this time I wanted to do it right.  At the air port we were saying good bye.  Nikki was acting giddy again and I was praying JD would admit his feelings before I left.  And that's exactly what he did.  Why I just HAD to be going home right after he said that was annoying and I hated that I had so much tying myself down to AZ.

So, yeah, I have a boy friend now!!  His name is JD, or Josh.  Just not Joshy.  He doesn't like that. :)  He is 23 years old and his birthday is the day before mine!!! Haha!!  I have suddenly become very bubbily and giddy and in love with stupid cheesy and romantic comedies.  Altho I do miss him very much and wish I could see him every day! I know that I  can't.  But we both believe this is from God.  It was so unexpected that there could be no other explaination.

Needless to say. HAPPY!!!! *^.^*