04/04/2013 14:37
    Hello all!  I will be heading to Japan July 18th through August 15th.  My flight leaves Phoenix on July 17th around 10am.  I will arrive in Tokyo, Japan around 4:30pm on the 18th.  Its a total of 13 hours of travel but because of the time difference I time travel...


01/27/2013 22:12
Adult figure skating nationals is taking place in Arizona and I am competing!!!  It is going to be happening April 9-13. My division will be skating Wednesday, the 10th of April.  The Bronze Ladies division is from 830-1. If I place high enough I will be able to skate again on the...

Fiesta Skate!

04/21/2012 00:00
So April 21, 2012 was my very first skating competition ever!!!  It wasn't my best performance but in the end I still got a bronze.  That made me pretty happy.  I hope to have more wonderful skating competition experiences in my life!!! Yay!!


01/03/2012 15:16
In case you haven't heard, I am ENGAGED!!!  It got engaged on December 27th, 2011.  It was really cute!!! 

JD is coming!

09/10/2011 00:32
SOO, JD is moving to AZ soon and that will mean we will not have to be apart for much longer. Although this time apart is hard, it will soon seem like a short memory because we will be together. :)


04/17/2011 14:19
Graduation is upon us!!  I am going to be graduation with and AA in the Arts with a degree in Audio Production Technology. It's going to be exciting!!! Graduation is May 13th, 2011 at 8:00pm. Be there!!!! At MCC clocktower.

Spaghetti Dinner

04/06/2011 13:23
 Tonight is the spaghetti Dinner. What that means, is that all the students that made it to nationals from Fine Arts are going to perform for the audience while we are being served Spaghetti for dinner.  It's actually very entertaining. Amanda will be performing and showing off her tree....

Web Updates

03/24/2011 06:06
This is where I will let you know things that I eithe find interesting online or I have personally updated on this particular site.  Don't worry, none if this is a secret!. *^.^*
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